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  1. Skanks

    Prophecy Demo

    Is it possible to use any of the newer high res features (or OpenGL) modes with the Prophecy Demo, the one with the extra story missions?
  2. Skanks

    WC1 ship's to scale

    I've been really bored at work today, really bored. So why not do something WC related. I hope someone finds these useful, if not, no harm done. 1 pixel = 1 metre. Also some of the smaller ships may be missing the odd pixel here and there from when I shrank them. Does anyone know how big the...
  3. Skanks

    Confederation at War

    I just read Action Stations last night and there was something I don't understand. It says the Confederation had not been at war for 100 years (or over) and hence the fleet was in crap condition. But then we are told in that the war with the Pilgrims just took place in the few years before...
  4. Skanks

    Super Wing Commander

    I've been on a buying spree of Wing Commander related things lately (ordered myself all the books last week) and I purchased Super Wing Commander. My question is that is the 3do emulator any good? Or am I better off buying a 3do off Ebay, and what joystick do I need if I get a real 3do?
  5. Skanks

    ZBuffer error

    Just a question about the ZBuffer error you get on ATI Cards in 32-bit mode, I'm guessing it's trying to set it to a mode it doesn't support. Do we know what it's trying to set it to and if the dll can be modified to set it to something the ATI cards will accept?
  6. Skanks

    Kilrathi Saga - Windows XP

    Could someone test these files for me. You will need to rename it .zip rather than .txt. The archive contains two compatibility fixes for KS. Both set WC1 (and SM exe's) to Win98 compatibility mode. The difference is WCKS.sdb just sets WC3 to Win98 Compatibility mode, while the WCKSLP.sdb also...