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    check out new website

    Blackwolf Studios website is up check it out, will see alot of different things we are doing and also what we are doing for secret ops game. BW
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    starlancer Tribute music video released

    Blackwolf Studios is proud to present a Starlancer tribute music video. The file is 72 megs and is in Divx format. It can be viewed in a media player such as Windows Media Player. We also have our new website up but keep in mind that it's still under construction at...
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    Website down

    The website is down for two weeks do to redesign,and new content. Blackwolf
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    updated vf-1 fighter and hanger

    we are making updates on some of the models and re working the hanger while we are still working on the mission scripting. 1650 poly 512x512 textures
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    StarLancer:Operation Free Earth

    Hey all, Just thought you all would like to know we are working on a StarLancer movie.And we will be looking for cast members to join the production.[Note the cast will also be doing all the voices in the StarLancer to FreeLancer project aswell since the game will be based on the...
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    Starlancer 3dsmax scene WIP

    I wasn't doing anything tonight so I thought I would mess around and see what came up. I came up with this, it's a still image scene.It's a wip but I was thinking about adding a couple WC ships to it aswell, fighting along side these mirages from Starlancer. What you guys think?
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    Beta version of the Hanger deck

    This is a wip in progress on the hanger deck where you will be able to choose your ship in post mission briefings. I still have some work to do on it, but you get the idea what it looks like.If you have any sugestions feel free to post here.
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    Mod Back Online

    Since im done with World Of Warcraft. The mod is back online and work on it is back in full swing, as soon as i get a chance I'll be updating the website with a new lay out and new content.It should be a week.
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    look for new content in july

    Sorry for on the lack of updates was out of dsl for a while and was working on the coding for the mod.Im happy to report that coding is going very well and ill be able to update site in july with new contect and other great stuff.Again sorry for lack of updates couldnt be helped.
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    yes new things on the herizion

    Yes we will be updating the website by the 23 of feb and will be releaseing some models for you all to try out .plus more screenshots ingame movie footage aND more...
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    sorry for lack of updates

    Hails All, Sorry for the lack of updates but we are in deep importing new content such as the new rez patch,reverse thrust and other thngs in the secert op engine. When we have new things to show you we will update the web site and but in the forums.As of right now we have all the music...
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    New cockpits in the works

    I know its been awhile but we still working on the mod and we are reworking the cockpits for each Model to make them more like the movies.
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    ok I found out i had a virus and fried my vid card and mem ill be back with update on sunday lucky i made backup on my system so the work can cont. on the mod
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    website updated delayed

    sorry everyone the delay of the website is do o tech issues and should be ok by the end of next week so the de;ay will only be 1 week sorry again
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    Mager website update after xmas

    well its that time of year. So there might not be that much of screens and others til after xmas. We are planing for a Dec 28 update on the website and new screens for in game shots and movies plus some other suprise.I dont what to give it away yet but stay tuned and you will see what we have in...
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    New ingame shots of new models and textures

    we still working hard but the holidays is comming and some work will slow but ill be releasing ingame shots now and then and plus answer the question you might have i have updated the web site and added a few more pages that will be up as soon as i get them done. Prototype the gerwalker...
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    New model screen shots

    Here is a collection of models that we will be importing in game this week and thanks to team member Lestat we have a awsome Macross capship plus some other models.we are still working on all models and when thats done we will start to work on the engine like importing reverse thrust and the new...
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    Will update after 29th

    I'll be in Colorado til the 29th then will start posting more screens, and other suprises for you all. Have a happy Thanksgiving... Blackwolf P.S. Thanks to Aztek for the great cgi of the VF-1S model for this pic
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    Zen And Meltron screenshots

    ok here is the enemypod screenshot thread were wewill be putting new screens of the enemy fighters and capships
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    U.N.Spacey Screenshots

    ok im making this thread just for the u.n spacy model screen shots and when later ill make a enemy screenshot thread . here is what is cool this models is 1374 poly and it was imported in game with no problems and runs good .plus I used 512x512 hirez textures.This is the VF-1s strike Valkyrie...