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    Reconciling Fighter and Capital ship stats across the WC games

    Hey gang, By the thread title I mean how are we supposed to reconcile the stats in the earlier games, when the later games give such massive increases to (some) ship stats ;maneuverability and armour especially. The Rapier's 10 degrees/sec maneuverability and 7cm of shielding cannot be...
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    Wings of Heroes: Confederation Starfighters 2654-2674 by J. "Primate" Allen

    F-95c Morningstar Type: Heavy Fighter Manufacturer: Origin Aerospace Length: 30 meters Mass: 19 Metric Tonnes Max Velocity: 400kps Max Afterburner: 1200kps Acceleration: 225 k/s2 Max Yaw: 60 Max Pitch: 60 Max Roll: 60 Shield: 280cm equivalent Armour: 160cm fore/aft, 120cm port/starboard...
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    The real-life "Maniac" Thoughts?
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    In Praise of Prophecy

    The unwanted stepchild of the mainline series. But there were some good things about "Wing Commander 5". You got the simulator back you had an actual Interceptor fighter that made sense (but ugly as sin) with the Wasp, Panther, and Vampire you had unique characteristics to make them feel...
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    The service history and number of the Confederation-class Dreadnaught

    Do we have a canonical number for how many "Connies" were in service? When did they enter service, and were any still active post-Kilrathi War? WC Saga had the TCS Armageddon as a Confederation-class - was that pure fanfiction? It annoyed me how the novels always referred to them (incorrectly)...
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    Mapping Thrustmaster buttons for WC4 (GoG)

    Does anyone know how to map controls to the Thrustmaster in the GoG version of WC4? The specific model is the T.16000M FCS (with HOTAS) Thanks!
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    WC3 Neutron Gun stats and possible errors

    Are the stats of the WC3 version of the neutron gun (damage, refire rate etc.) anywhere to be found? I can't find them online and they are not in any of the manuals as far as I can tell. Only the Hellcat uses them too. Quite strange. Also the Sorthak stats seem incorrect. It appears to have...
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    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    WC1 I haven't played it in so long. It was also the first game so I think I will just skip it... WC2 The Epee being worse than the Ferret - the ship you start with! The fact that your torpedos can get shot down. In fact, I don't really like the whole phase shield thing. WC3 Too few...
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    History of Privateer 3

    I hope LOAF sees this! 😀 Where can I find the best info on the history of Privateer 3s development and reasons for cancellation?
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    Everspace Series

    Anybody here played it? Thoughts on it? The first sequel is coming out soon.
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    What Confed or Kilrathi fighter had your favourite beam weapon loadout?

    I will be stunned if anyone doesn't choose a fighter that includes tachyon weaponry! 😃 My Top 3: Excalibur Bearcat Crossbow Sadly, the crossbow really didn't have the maneuverability to make the most out of it's loadout and the Bearcat's weapons were poorly positioned on the airframe. Have to...
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    WC4 Freezes at First Dialogue Choice

    Hey Gang, Now that I beat WC3 I wanted to play WC4 (of course). The intro plays fine (in all it's DVD quality glory), until I get to the first dialogue choice ("Help him out" vs. "straighten him out"). I can switch between the two choices with audio saying the two choices, but once I select one...
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    WC3 on Crazy

    Wow. Much, much tougher. Can't role with my T-bolt on most missions like I used to. The Ekapshi are crazy difficult. At least your wingman get better. Sometimes it feels more realistic, but other times it is unrealistic (first mission after the Behemoth gets destroyed for instance).
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    Another "Which WC Game Is Your Favourite?" thread

    Overall, I go with 3. 2 is a close second. Just started playing 4 again and find it rather mediocre; I really don't like the combat and the fact that the game takes place over a very short period of time - never felt invested in the new characters at all (Hawk, Panther etc.)
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    Tolwyn's plan for Blair

    Why did Tolwyn draft Blair out of retirement for the Border Worlds Crisis and put him in a position where he could potentially undermine his planned coup? This seems to be a tremendous blunder. Did Tolwyn actually think Blair would join him? Was he hoping he would be killed and could be used as...
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    Service entry dates for Confed fighters

    So, according to some WC canon, the Arrow is actually an old design. The WC3 novelization also describes the Thunderbolt as an old fighter. The Hellcat also seems to be old, as it is outfitted with neutron guns (which were replaced with particle cannons on newer craft, correct?). Do we have any...
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    Realistic wishlist of features for a new WC game

    I thought of this thread after reading and participating in the "Wing Commander for a Modern Age" thread. So here are two things, off the top of my head, that I would want to see in a new WC game: Unique Weapon Effects - as an example, the meson blaster was supposed to cause damage as the...
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    Morningstar in WC3

    7 year lurker, first time poster. I've heard that the Morningstar was originally going to be in WC3? Can someone confirm or deny