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    what's new in the huge amount of time I've been gone? (Like you know who I am.) :p I've been totally out of the loop about WC, any more good mods? Did Standoff finally release their new episode?
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    Battlefield 2142 demo

    I recently downloaded the BF2142 demo from Gamespot and I'm immensely impressed. It has everything BF2 had and has come in a much more stable (shorter load times, better performance) format. It also has improved gameplay. Of course this just IMO but what is yours?
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    Privateer 2 deluxe problem when launching.

    I'll just cut right to the chase, It always happens, I've tryed changing the compatibility mode I even tried the DOS version on dosbox (didn't work because it didn't detect cd.). I have an onboard sound card so I don't think there should be a problem there. Thanks in advance.
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    Supersized Gothri bug?

    I was replaying Standoff when on one of the beginning missions (the one with the Gothri) when I decided to shoot it once just for kicks.:D When I activated autopilot there was a supersized Gothri (at least 10x:eek: ) in formation with my wing. Disappeared when I went back to the Lionheart though.
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    Mission 5 bug

    I was playing the part where the 2 deserters take out the battleship at the jump to leeds and the cinematic showed the battleship getting destroyed and it followed the defectors. Once the cinematic ended it gave me a failed mission. Any idea what this is?
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    Ships in Locanda 3 mission

    I was playing wc3(ks version) and on Locanda 3 I found a group not in the guide(2 vaktoth and 1 "scout" using the transport model). Anyone know what this is?:confused: