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    New music! ...and crowdfunding

    Hey there :)! The last couple of weeks, I worked on my new music-album. I had shared my previous albums with you, so I thought, I let you guys know again, although this album is completely in German. If you have some time left and don't mind the language, you can get a preview here: I...
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    X Rebirth announced

    Hey there, Egosoft just announced its new title called X Rebirth. They want to reinvent the series and it looks like a faster paced game now. Look at the first screenshots and the trailer. Screenshot/Trailer Wallpaper I think, the wallpaper could have been a Wing Commander-scene as well.
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    Privateer SVGA

    I noticed this thread over at the WingCenter. Did we ever see such screenshots? Click
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    Interview: EA: We haven't forgotten about Road Rash, Magic Carpet

    There is a really interesting Interview with EA Games Boss Frank Gibeau at CVG about old IPs. WC is not named explicitely, but you get the vibe: That's a good news :).
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    Project Redlime = Syndicate?

    According to some "sources" of, Project Redlime is Syndicate 3. Since is a believable source, I think, this is true...sadly. No Wing Commander? =/ Source
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    Help Request

    I know, I know, it sounds like advertisement or something like that. It is not, I just hoping, that perhaps you can help me on something here. I got a free piece of music here, that you can download (link below). Every download will get me higher on the site's Charts, which means I am getting...
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    I release a new cd!

    Hey Wingnuts! For a long time now, I worked on a new CD with new music by me. I will release the new CD in june! There will be six songs on the EP and it will be named "Mistakes Included". The disc will cost €5/$7. I work on a download-possibility as well which should cost less. You can...
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    A german article

    Heya there, I wrote a german article for the online-magazine Gbase about Space-Sims and history. If you like to read it, go to and tell me, what you think =). Cheerio, Evan
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    Happy Birthday Eder

    It should be one or two days ago, but hey: Happy Birthday Eder! You turned 22 this year. Keep bringin out great mods/games and keep being so nicely as I remember you =). Much luck in your future =).
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    Wing Commander 1 for FM-Towns

    Heya there, i just have seen this on german eBay, don´t know, if something like this was posted before: It says, it´s a rare Edition of Wing Commander 1 for the...
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    Mission 9b - need help

    Heyho folks, I think I need some help :). I'm in Mission 9B where i have to defend this Avenger. Everything's working just fine and the avenger comes back with a Vampire. Then, the Avenger's talking about returning to the dauntless, but the hydra in the background is starting thousands of...
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    WCP GBA Screenshot

    One of the WingCenter readers has sent in an exclusive Wing Commander GBA Screenshot. It's scanned from an italian Videogame magazine. Here it is:
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    WingCenter got relaunched ^-^

    Heyho, i need some feedback here =). The german Fansite WingCenter ( got relaunched this night :). There are a couple of new features like ENGLISH News... And a special feature for the relaunch: An english/german Interview with Eder of the Standoff Modification...