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    just a little question

    well I spent a couple of nights on the same mission: the defending of 2 confed destroyers, one of them is called "sao paulo". and everytime i played it, the sao paulo gets destroyed. I shoot grikaths like on a fair but they still get the destroyer. so my question is: is that a "must lose"...
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    the nav map

    plz don't call me an idiot but I can't switch nav points on the ****navmap. Is there a specific hotkey?
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    wingman's speaking

    In some missions of Prophecy my wingmen shout out "Fox one". does anyone know what that means? OK I guess it means one kill more but why fox one?
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    does anyone know wether the wing commander music and some of the figures of the game are still a trademark of origin/EA? I'd like to add some of the WC tracks to a fan project and don't want to become trouble.
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    May I start a thread to give you some of my impressions of the balancing in standoff? or won't there be any balance patches?
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    Let the music play

    hi guys, I wonder if someone of you knows a good program to create own music. It could be MIDI but some kind of orchestral tracks like wing commander 3 would be better...thx
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    "big boom"

    so what is your favourite gun/missile? My is the tachion-cannon.(wc3/4 version) -heavy damage -cool coler (white) -nice sound (I can't really describe it here^^) my favourite missle is the pilum FF, cuz it's so easyy to handle, makes good damage and the design of the missle looks good, too.
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    Animated Series

    Hey guys, I wonder what you think about the Wing Commander Academy animated series. I like this series...ok that could be because I have been grown up with wing commander...^^ And there is one question: Do you know wether there is a soundtrack to the series or any way to cut the music out of...