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    Wing Commander series on the Raspberry Pi

    Pardon the quality but the point is made. The Pi 3 is powerful enough to enjoy the series' Dos games.
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    Parsec Returns to life as OpenParsec 0.2

    Remember 10 years ago? a trance infested FPS space death match lan game? Remember how nothing happened and it faded into history? Well it's back as of last Friday with the first public binary release in over 10 years and it's still as fun as it ever was.
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    Mac OS X dosbox joystick support

    Has anyone had any issues with dosbox and joysticks/gamepads? I just purchased an iMac and retired my pc fleet (yes, it was a fleet) and I made sure to move over my Wing Commander stuff before powering them down of course. The easiest part was getting them to run and run great. WC on my shiny...