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    Who would be next?

    I'm assuming that Tolwyn had managed to convince Confed to go to war with the Border Worlds in WC4 here. How long would the conflict take before (I'm assuming again here) the Border Worlds would surrender (or worse)? And then, perhaps more importantly, who would be the next target for...
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    Novels Question

    What's the best WC novel to start with? I'm NOT after the best book, rather the first one for someone who hasn't read any before. Thanks people...
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    that OTHER Wing Commander

    Damn! I actually had that thing! Seeing that in the news has brought back bad memories. Boy, did it suck. Still, it was cool to see all those old games again...;
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    WC3 install, Exception 13 & WinME

    Ok, when I try to install or run WC3 on my WinME I can get through the joystick test ok but as soon as I start the graphics test I get good old exception 13 :rolleyes: So I can't even get the game bleedin' started! Argh! I've tried using a bootdisk for DOS on WME but the same thing...