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    flying off the map

    Ironduke, I wanted to propose a change to the rules on fighters flying off the edge of the map. Right now, if your fighter careens off the edge of the map, you take a loss of experience points and you are out of the dogfight. Now, maybe that's preferable as a retreat action, just point at...
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    happily bleary eyed in the morning

    Has this ever happened to you? You struggle for a long time to find a way to get an older, wonky game to work (using all the tricks on DOSBox or another emulator) and you finally get it to work months or even years later....and suddenly you get it to work? I just did that last night with...
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    Thursday midday humor

    Internet weirdness :D
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    Dynasty Warriors 6 - any of you going for it?

    Hey yall! Any of you Crius-ers going for DW6? Just wondering...trying to decide between buying that and buying either COW4 or The Orange Box as my next game to go with Halo 3 and Gears
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    Acoustic Guitar Solo by Andy Mckee Man...this guy is GOOD! Slap guitar is awesome, if you've got the knack...and he's got the KNACK, baby!
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    So...this XBOX 360 thing...

    :D I want one... What is YOUR XBOX 360 setup? What have you bought that was not very useful...what have you bought that WAS useful...what's your current wish list for XBOX 360 stuff? :D:D Ok, really it's that there's so many different things in the various marketplaces that I don't...
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    WC: Privateer - favorite trading routes

    Hey everybody! I just wanted to drop a question out there... In Privateer...what were your favorite trade routes? Examples: Beginning, weak ship: Get food and a couple of missions at Helen complete missions go to Achilles/Hector Sell food Get Iron/Tungsten Get Merc Guild...
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    slightly O/T rant about SecureROM!

    UGH! I hate SecureROM... I just bought Homeworld 2 so I could plug in the WCIV fan mod... After patching the game to the latest level, I get a SecureROM emulator launch failure!! I try disabling VLA, turning off features, even killing processes in the task manager...nothing works...
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    What was your first Wing Commander experience?

    My first experience was Wing Commander I for SNES...after that, I jumped straight to Wing Commander II on DOS, WCIII, Privateer, Armada, Righteous Fire, Privateer2, WCIV, WCP, WCSO... What about you? :)
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    DOSBox 0.71 released July 30, 2007! Bugfixes, etc. A MUST-HAVE if you're running old DOS games (like Wing Commander products). :)
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    Righteous Fire economy model

    Just a random thought here, gang.... One of the things I found vaguely annoying in Righteous Fire was the screwed up economic model. Let me explain what I mean by that with a comparison to WC:Priv. I start at Helen, I buy luxury foods at 22cr per unit. I fly to Hector, I sell them at...
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    Can we get an article or post about in-game play experience?

    LOAF or Chris or others? Can we get a clean repost (outside of the locked thread) either in a post or an article about your experiences playing the early alpha/beta version of Arena? I'd like to find out some particulars about how the game handles capital ships and interactions between...
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    CIC XBOX 360 owners

    Hey All... Since the announcement of WC: Arena, I've gotten interested in getting a 360 (but I need to study the price and think about it). What games do wingnuts play on the XBL service? I'd be interested in online gaming, but I'd prefer to do it with a crowd of folks I share interests...
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    WCIII Blooper Video on Youtube

    This probably isn't new, but I just found it tonight!
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    Favorite "break and attack" response from NPCs?

    What's your favorite wingman's response to a "break and attack" order? Examples: "Off I go, watch my smoke!!!" "Maybe I'll just negotiate with them today....on second thought!!" "Oooooh them bugs make some spicy GUM-bo!" What have you guys got?
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    WC1 Theme stuck in my head

    I was just sitting at my desk alternating between some work and surfing wikipedia (that website is like crack, man) I suddenly realized I was (sotto voce) humming and whistling the WC1 (SNES) theme music! ~~~ It's now been running in my head for 20 minutes...and I'm ok with that! :cool:
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    Need help with XWA - Wing Com. TC and Mission Ed

    Anyone out there ever tried using the AlliED mission editor with the WCTC beta ships? They definitely have issues (hell, I just ran a skirmish and watched a fralthra reduce 3 gilgamesh destroyers, a bengal class carrier, and several fighters to dust motes while never getting below 50% hull...
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    Mod for XWA

    Hey all... I'm a longtime denizen of the Wing Commander world (you'll find me on the first 2 or 3 trivia games ever hosted on CIC!!!). I've been working on the following concept: Set in the Post End Run WC Universe Details a raid by a CVE battle group/raiding party Consists of 1...