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    Breaking: Roberts Space Industries Hits $6.237 Million! (November 19, 2012)

    Awesome! I go away to work @ 5.4mil and comeback from work to find out we hit 6.2mil. I think my head just exploded.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Wing One Album Available Again (September 30, 2011)

    Already bought it the first time I heard of it. Well worth the price.
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    Wing Commander- Least Favorite game.

    Academy for the same reasons. Although It did let me hone my skills as a pilot. I actually didn't fly to well in WC2 until after I played Academy (then I rocked).
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    finally finished Wing Commander Wallpaper

    Nice pic. Is that a confederation radar station?
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    Vista Problem

    I already solved the problem. Loaf: To show one of several bugs in Vista? t.c.cgi: Another conspiracy?
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    Vista Problem

    Oh.. I did try rebooting several times and also completely shutting down/waiting/turning back on.
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    Prepare to Fold Space... Ships (April 23, 2008)

    It looks coloured to me. It also looks so good I thought it was a plastic model. Kind of looks scary...or like something I should shoot.
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    Vista Problem

    It took me hours to find the solution to this one. When I went to restart my computer everything worked fine until windows tried to load Windows Explorer. Instead of loading the desktop/taskbar/etc. it loaded the explorer for viewing files. I had to manually load it! I tried to contact...
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    Mmmmm... Dralthi Pancake. Darn someone already took a bite!
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    ...and again about Retros

    I would love to see Retros in ancient times. "I am against your technological bow but I will use it to kill you" or "I don't like you using fire so I'm going to burn you with it". I think Retros just add a bit of comedy relief. When I get frustrated playing Privateer, I just go find some...
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    About EA and WC games...

    Quote ChrisReid(sorry I haven't figure out how to do this properly): I don't think that holds up. The fact that you're running "SE" should tell you that they spend time improving their OSes. XP was released in 2001, and they spent almost six years improving that before releasing Vista. Good...
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    What was your first Wing Commander experience?

    Privateer is the first game I played (I had to sneak onto my brothers computer when he wasn't home and figure out his password!). The first game I saw being played was WC 1 but I didn't get to play it at the time. The second game I played was WC 2 at my friend's house. He didn't like the game...
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    About EA and WC games...

    I couldn't have said it any better. The only problem with Microsoft is that it has a monopoly. They buy out smaller companies instead of trying to compete with them. Competition would ensure better programs are available to the public. The biggest "beef" I have with Microsoft is that they...
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    Small Sequence Packs In The Action (August 17, 2007)

    I love how good the sound is.
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    What car do you drive?

    1988 Ford Mustang (P.O.C.- piece of crap) and 2006 Suzuki Bandit 1200s (motorcycle). The bike is much more fun on long mountainous roads.
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    Battlestar Glactica the remake - not good for everyone?

    Maybe he could help the guys work out the cgi bugs...~~~.
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    A little WC Comic Strip...

    Now THAT was funny!
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    SciFi and Reality

    Warp travel is possible in theory. It does, however, rely on the theory that making negative energy is possible (or that negative energy actually exists). Before thinking something is impossible, do your homework. There are actually many faster than light theories. Most of them wouldn't be...
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    A Straith in new dress...

    Looking good.
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    Wing Commander: Privateer CD editions

    Once upon a time I had the game on the floppy disks and it came with the full, colour manual. Unfortunately I lost all the disks but I still have all the documentation for the game. When I bought the game on CD it was the box with the gold border. It actually didn't come with the manual but...