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    New Gamefaqs Poll feat. WC

    No doubt due to the news the other day about EA looking to revive old franchises, has a new poll of the day on their frontpage, "Which classic EA-owned property would you most like to see new games from?" - and Wing Commander is a choice! The saddest thing, though, at 10:30am...
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    WC Writer to be at Conference

    Just thought some of the community would know that Wing Commander 3 and 4 co-scriptwriter Terry Borst will be present at this year's Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe, NM. He'll be hosting a workshop on proper formatting of screenplays, amongst other things. The conference takes place...
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    Post-War Uniforms

    I've been playing WC4 again over the past few days, and I had noticed something on the uniforms. You look at the name badge, and see what you expect: Blair, Tolwyn, Eisen, until Maniac comes around, and, instead of Marshall, he has "Maniac" patched on. Then I look at the other characters, and...
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    Tiger Claw Crew

    Watching the WCM movie, I noticed that the message from Admiral Tolwyn to Admiral Gerald (Chapter 8 on the DVD) said that the Crew MLN is 119332. Any idea what an MLN is?
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    End Run Cover

    Quick question: What ship was on the cover of End Run? It doesn't look like any Confederation ship portrayed in-game, and it's definately not the Tarawa. I would assume that it was a ship mentioned in the book that I didn't get a clear grasp on, either that or just some random painting. Any ideas?
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    WC3: Kilrathi Saga and Joystick

    I recently got the full Kilrathi Saga set, and I realized that I've had joystick problems with running WC3. WC1 and 2 work just fine, however. The game starts up fine, but a soon as I get to the actual missions, I get no responce from my joystick or mouse. All the keyboard controls seem to work...
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    PSX WC Viewer

    I've got the PlayStation version of Wing Commander VI. It's tragic, I know. If I knew what I know now about WC back when the computer software was still on the shelves, I would have jumped on it. Anyways, I loved the cinematics in the game. I know they cut a lot out of the PS version, but the...