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  1. Mincemeat

    KS WC3 + Mash patch + DDHack = success?

    Armed with nothing but a hex-editor, I've managed to get the Kilrathi Saga WC3 working with Mash's patch and ddhack... Strangely enough, ddhack by itself won't work on my XP environment, but runs combined with Mash's patch? (I get a black screen if I tried ddhack on its own) This is what...
  2. Mincemeat

    Games Installer Screenshot thread

    Having been inspired by this thread, here's my current favourite installer. It really needs a youtube video to do it justice though!
  3. Mincemeat

    You are a jerk! You stink!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  4. Mincemeat

    Favourite missile lock tone

    Whether it's a simple Heat Seeker or a ponderous Hellraiser Torpedo, ducking and weaving for a missile or torpedo lock is an indispensable part of every wingnut's experience. Which missile lock tone is your favourite of 'em all? The best music to your ears?
  5. Mincemeat

    WC1 Hell's Kitchen

    I'm starting to like the last mission in Hell's Kitchen - it's quite a gauntlet for the l'il Scimitar. Just wondering if anybody has managed to complete it, taking down all the aces. (I won't ask for full kills for now) I'll post it to youtube if I ever manage to pull that off.
  6. Mincemeat

    WC1 marathon attempt

    This is my attempt to play Wing Commander without any save/reload, similar in the spirit of this thread. Of course, it turned out to be a somewhat short-lived comedy of errors. Behold my keyboard playing skills ;) I'll leave it to you, the viewer, to write the blow-by-blow commentaries...
  7. Mincemeat

    WC1/2 cinematics

    Hello folks, I found some mission editing information for these older games, but nothing about the cinematic scripts. I was just wondering if anybody has had any success in making their own talking head sequences in the past?
  8. Mincemeat


    Hi, Just wondering if Eddie would like to divulge a bit on how the current AI works at the moment, and any roadmaps for its development going forward. If any future AI state machines can be lua scripted, I think it will be a godsend to the mod makers... :D
  9. Mincemeat

    Playing the game may have just gotten easier..

    Microsoft VirtualPC is now free What it means for fellow wingnuts is that you now have the ability to have a working copy of Windows 95/98 running within your latest XP box without a reboot. (You'll still need the source media and...
  10. Mincemeat

    WC3 KS Version fix on XP

    I think I might have got WC3 Kilrathi Saga version running perfectly in Windows XP. Would greatly appreciate the help of anybody who know what they are doing for further testing. So far, it runs perfectly for me. Instructions as below: 1. Download and install the Microsoft Application...
  11. Mincemeat

    Excaliburs in WC4

    In Wing Commander IV the confed excaliburs that you fight have their top speeds trimmed to below 400kps. In the game itself it's obviously a gameplay balance decision, but I wonder if there are any references in the novel and other "canon" sources as to why this came into being.
  12. Mincemeat

    Comments from a jaded 3D animation student

    Brace yourselves ;) I love the colour palette - it's so retro WC2 and very consistently applied. I guess it helps that you are not trying to re-use some major assets from SO (unlike the case with UE). The B&W scene in the intro was a nice touch too. The sounds and music are a real trip...