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  1. skymaster

    Ship Conversion

    Why every ship converted has the piranha's VDU ? How do we change that, for example to use the Tigershark's ?
  2. skymaster

    Medals and Promotions

    Is it possible to modify the kill board (KB) in order to display Medals and current Rank ? Maybe creating a hot spot in the KB ? Since it's possible to create global variables and manipulate them during the campaign, it's ease to assign medals and promotions (or demotions) as the game unfolds.
  3. skymaster

    Turrets and components

    Great! What about the Midway components (Engines, Bridge, Launchers & Landing Bays) ? How are they attached do the main model ? What type of turrets are available ? So far I only saw Laser, Maser and Plasma. Is it possible to create new turrets or change the blaster they fire ? Thanks
  4. skymaster

    Cockpit positions

    How did you change the Radar and VDUs positions ?