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  1. Saturnyne

    Glide Wrapper Issue/ Question

    I'm having fun playing Prophecy and Secret Ops with the Glide wrapper. The spaceflight graphics are beautiful, most noticeably so at 640x480 (strange?). Anyway, my only issue is a massive, MASSIVE slowdown that occurs during the ICIS mission briefings. The rest of the game runs at the proper...
  2. Saturnyne

    Ralatha, When The Walls Fell.

    For those who have read posts I put up here long looooooong ago... I was trying to figure out how to bomb Kilrathi Corvettes to hell and back. And shortly after that, I began a small run of creativity in capship killing tactics. Since moving back up here to Canada, I hadn't been able to play...
  3. Saturnyne

    Question (Probably not the first to have this idea)

    Time and again, the Wing Commander community has amazed me with what can be done for fan projects. Particular favorites are the mods of Secret Ops and Prophecy, which lead me to the following question. With all the talented model-makers out there, is it possible to replace the current ship...
  4. Saturnyne

    Ghorah Khar 2-D: Hard, Or Maddeningly Impossible?

    For those who don't remember, this is the (technically second-) last mission in Special Ops 1. I'll go over it for those who are as old as LOAF; your memories prob'ly ain't workin' right. ;) In Sabres, you and Hobbes fly to Nav 1, where you meet with two Sartha fighters, and rendevous with...
  5. Saturnyne

    ddhelp.exe error w/ Kilrathi Saga

    I run Kilrathi Saga in Windows 98 SE. After running the game for an extended amount of time (an hour or more), or exiting the game via the "Quit Wing Commander" link in the barracks, the game just crashes to Windows saying ddhelp.exe cause a conflict in an unknown module. Does anyone else get...
  6. Saturnyne

    Jotunheim 3

    Game: Wing Commander: Secret Missions Mission: Jotunheim 3 The game guide isn't particularly helpful when it comes to this mission... how did you pass this horrific mission? I have yet to pass it, honestly. A tactic I've come up with, but haven't tried just yet, is going towards NAV 1...
  7. Saturnyne

    Kurasawa 2 - Your tips and tricks

    Yes, I am one of many proud-as-a-Kilrathi to own Kilrathi Saga, and I'm having lots of fun. Naturally, the Kurasawa 2 mission in the first Wing Commander installment is a point of frustration for many players. Me included. Regularly, I try to the get little kitties off the Ralari by taunting...
  8. Saturnyne

    Tears For Fears

    Yes, that's right. Tears For Fears. If you haven't heard of them, go to and learn all about their history, and their upcoming new album, Everybody Loves A Happy Ending. Go!!!!!!
  9. Saturnyne


    Hey all, it's been a loooooooooooooooong while. So... anyone made a multiplayer WC game in the style of Unreal Tournament yet?
  10. Saturnyne

    A song by, well... me.

    Just wanted to share it with you guys. I dunno, I get weird inclinations. Sins Of Science - Teardrops Fall
  11. Saturnyne

    Is it just me...

    Or do I tend to disappear, reappear and then disappear again? Anyway, I'm back. Again. Only this time, it should be more permanent since I finally got my own computer and don't need anyone's permission to use it. mwahaha. So, what did I miss?
  12. Saturnyne

    Prophecy Advance

    I took a look at the new screenshots and noticed that the icon for the decoys was there. It made me think. What exactly is the control scheme for the game? I mean, the SNES version's controls were limited enough. What functions are and aren't available in game flight?
  13. Saturnyne

    WinMe Gameport

    I have a Logitech Wingman Attack that connects via gameport. However, on my brother's WinMe system, it doesn't calibrate as well as it should. It skips over some parts of the calibration box and doesn't reach to the bottom right corner. Which is odd because it's calibrated fine on a Win95...
  14. Saturnyne

    Y'know what I'd like to see?

    ... but might never? Multiplayer Wing Commander. I have yet to see it, so if it's out there, please point me to it. At this particular moment in time though, I'd also love to see people porting over the old DOS WC's into windows (including Armada) so people without DOS can enjoy them too...
  15. Saturnyne

    Wing Commander IV question...

    Recently, amongst my woes installing WC4 and getting it to work, I saw SPECIALx.TRE files on all six discs. Leaves me to wonder... what's in them? I've only ever played the game and such, so I don't know if they're accessible or what. Anyone know what's there?
  16. Saturnyne

    Unexpected WC4 woes

    I'm not entirely sure what the problem with WC4 has been lately. I know it's the sound though, because there has been no problem with the movies or the gameplay. But it might be a possibility. When I first installed the game, the install program ran just fine until I saved the settings and...
  17. Saturnyne

    I hate being a showoff...

    But I love what I'm showing off. I wrote a song the other day and I actually want to share it with people. w00t! It's an instrumental. It's called "Death Take Me". Download (3.23 MB) As an aside, I had no idea where else to post this... comments and such are appreciated.
  18. Saturnyne

    Don't know if this was fixed...

    In the files section, under the music downloads, there is a link to the New Detroit music. This song is, in fact, the Agricultural planet music. Or an agricultural planet's music. In either case, it's not New Detroit's music. I don't know if this was changed or not, but I thought I'd point it out.
  19. Saturnyne

    Latest game addictions?

    Lately, I've been strolling down memory lane... and it has gotten me hooked on the oldtime games Uninvited and Out Of This World. So it makes me wonder... what are your latest game addictions? what games can you just NOT put down right now?
  20. Saturnyne


    ... well... even if no one noticed I was away. Yep, I'm still alive and kickin'. at least in real life. I'm playing through Secret Missions, and am stuck on the mission where you and Spirit have to go out and retrieve the Johann. (In the game guide, it's Jotunheim 3) just looking for...