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    Tired of Japandrogyny

    Ok, this is definitely off-topic, but I'm curious what you guys think. I am a pretty big fan of the RPG genre, and I've played the hell out of them since the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior on the NES (both of which I still play in cartridge form from time to time). Fortunately, I...
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    Most anticipated video game of the fall?

    We're fixing to have a good holiday rush this year and I'm just curious what game it is you all can't wait to play, or if it launched already, what game it is you can't stop playing. Personally I can't wait for Fallout 3....
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    First person shooter?

    I'm sure this has been discussed here many times but I'm having some difficulty getting good search results on it. Has anyone made a first person shooter WC project? I guess it may not be the most popular concept in a space combat sim genre, but I would greatly enjoy some racking up some...
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    WC Dock Icons

    I am no digital artist and have had no luck finding any dock icons to represent the wing commander games in ObjectDock. Privateer GG and Prophecy are the only 2 I need at the moment, and I don't mind representing either with a generic WC icon like the Confed emblem or something, but I can't find...
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    Armada Q&A

    Hi, I've just recently decide to revive my childhood interest in the Wing Commander games and I'm new to this forum and website (which are excellent by the way, and I hope I can contribute some worthwhile conversation if nothing else). I've acquired a copy of Armada, one of the few WC games I...
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    Turrets in PGG

    I recently decided to revive my childhood interest in the Wing Commander game series and discovered this excellent treasure trove of fandom (the CIC and, and even better, somebody had already remade my favorite one of all (several times apparently) with real 3d graphics and stuff...