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  1. Mjr. Whoopass

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas Wing Commander fans! As Tiny Tim said, God bless us every one!
  2. Mjr. Whoopass

    Selling Wing Commanders 3 & 4 for Mac and Prophecy and Prophecy Gold for PC

    Hello Everyone, We're out of storage space in our house and it doesn't make sense for me to hold onto these games when I no longer have a computer that plays them. I put a lot of my time into these as you can tell from my Wing Commander Standoff kill scores :). It's with some reluctance...
  3. Mjr. Whoopass

    Wing Commander World War 2 Ship Names..

    Since October of last year, I've been painting the pieces of my Axis and Allies board game. I've been painting and naming the boats after actual WW2 ships and am looking for any WC ship names I may have missed. The options are WW2 transports, Destroyers, Battleships, Submarines, and Aircraft...
  4. Mjr. Whoopass

    A Temblor Bomb was theorized during World War 2!? Yet another WW2 parallel.

    I was reading an article in an old Popular Science magazine: Starting on Page 101, you can see an article discussing dropping bombs into volcanic lava...
  5. Mjr. Whoopass

    Creepy UFO Sighting

    This video is up on, and can be found by going on and searching 'Double Message' or something like that and clicking on 'videos' on the search. The video is called "'Double Message' to Muslims". A direct link is...
  6. Mjr. Whoopass

    My Compliments to the Chef!

    I recently finished playing through the losing path of Episode 5-- What a blast! Very creative missions. I couldn't stop playing that path and spent several hours straight playing it.
  7. Mjr. Whoopass

    This video reminded me of the losing ending to WCIV This video reminded me of the losing ending to WCIV. I think the guy picked the wrong questions that Bill Clinton was prepared to answer in a favorable light. He chose two wrong questions and lost the game. Kind of like choosing "Like secret...
  8. Mjr. Whoopass

    Why don't I hear anything about the Jrathek?

    Looking at the ships database, the Jrathek's are extremely fast and maneuverable. Some of the versions look like it's built like a tank too (though the middle representation's shields aren't very thick). Why haven't I heard pilots complaining about how tough these are to shoot down? Is it...
  9. Mjr. Whoopass

    WCPedia sources?

    I was just wondering if a place for sources could be added to the WCPedia entries? I've been reading through them and have came accross info that I hadn't read about in the books or heard from the games and was wondering where it came from. For instance, the pilot "high scores" on the TCS...
  10. Mjr. Whoopass

    Prophecy Hi-Res Issues

    I recently installed the Hi-Res patch. I was on CD 2 of Prophecy. During a scene with Blair the game crashed and displayed: Iff::Iff open file 'gameflow/mouse_f.iff' not found and not optional Then I tried to start Prophecy again and the error said: Iff::Iff open file...
  11. Mjr. Whoopass

    Confed Military Organization Clarification

    I know that Confed has local "militia", would this be similar to our National Guard or is it more like police departments?
  12. Mjr. Whoopass

    A question for the Standoff Team and HCI

    I was getting ready to read the tutorial on modding through the Unknown Enemy link, when I realized the Standoff guys made a bunch of advances since then. Could some (one?) of you folks make an updated tutorial including those advances? It would be a shame for all your hard earned knowledge to...
  13. Mjr. Whoopass

    U.S. Congress is dealing with Killer Asteroids

    I just saw this article describing how Congress is assembling a blue-ribbon panel of scientists to determine how to deal with potential killer asteroids: especially one called Apophis which is scheduled to travel close to Earth in 2029...
  14. Mjr. Whoopass

    bug report

    Hey, I was just reading your website asking us to report anything odd that we come accross. I still get that bug where I leave the game and standoff freezes up rather then closing, then I have to do a force quit. It's not a big deal though, not too hard to force quit. Other than that, the...
  15. Mjr. Whoopass

    Saga release coming soon?

    I read the news update on the front page. I know it's to be completed when it's done and not with a particular release date, but is there some time when it's most likely to be released? Next spring, summer, fall, winter? As I quoted on the Standoff forum page: "That would be quite a...
  16. Mjr. Whoopass

    Kilrathi for fan Mod designer's cut scenes?

    I was just watching someone play the game "Oblivion" and noticed that they have a cat like race of people that you can play as. If someone knew how to take video captures and edit their own sound over the characters talking in this mod, they could have some nice Kilrathi character cut scenes...
  17. Mjr. Whoopass

    What do you want for Christmas this year?

    I'm asking for a hand saw, a power saw, some type of decorative box to hold toiletries, and long underwear... gosh I'm getting old!
  18. Mjr. Whoopass

    I'm finally getting hitched

    Well, I popped the question and she said yes! Fortunately she's very accepting of my fondness (addiction?) to Wing Commander. I uploaded the pictures onto my "Mjr. Whoopass" profile under the album labeled "Basic Album".
  19. Mjr. Whoopass

    Mission 3B: New meaning to the word: "Nightmare"!

    First off, great game guys! It's fun to fly with the Border Worlds and be back in ships like the 'gun heavy slug' Scimtar, Banshees, and Epees fighting those same bugs you challenged with more modern Panthers, Vampires, and the like. For those of you who worked so hard years ago to make...
  20. Mjr. Whoopass

    Expelled: Ben Stein's Movie

    Hello! I think that all people enjoy ice cream. What is your favorite ice cream?