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  1. pygmypiranha

    Soundtracks on Vinyl

    I apologize if this has been brought up before, but with the increased interest in vinyl, has there been much discussion regarding vinyl releases of the soundtracks on vinyl? I'm primarily interested in the video game scores being mixed and released for vinyl, but would certainly be interested...
  2. pygmypiranha

    Wing Commander 4 DVD-ROM for Sale

    You could be bidding on the extremely rare DVD-ROM version of this game. The disc was purchased from a local computer shop and is NEW. The disc has no scratches and does work. NO RESERVE!!! The only reason I am selling it is because I have two copies. I figured that letting you guys on the...
  3. pygmypiranha

    Battlestar Galactica SEASON ONE DVDs on 9.20

    The Battlestar Galactica Season One DVD box set gets released on 9-20-2005. Check out the website if you would like to know more! Discuss!
  4. pygmypiranha


    Last summer I had the pleasure of helping in the production of the feature film Kalamazoo? as a Production Assistant (set/office intern) and it was one of the best experiences I have ever experienced in my entire life. My life dream is to be a filmmaker and it was such a life changing...
  5. pygmypiranha

    Star Wars Episode III Tickets

    So everyone, Raise your hand if you already have tickets to Episode III... like the first showing at 12:01AM on opening day. -Alex *RAISES HAND* :D
  6. pygmypiranha

    Creative Labs Sound Card Settlement - Creative Lab Soundcard Users Check This

    NOTICE TO PERSONS WHO PURCHASED A CREATIVE AUDIGY ES, AUDIGY PLATINUM, AUDIGY PLATINUM EX, AUDIGY GAMER, AUDIGY MP3+, OR EXTIGY SOUND CARD ON OR AFTER MARCH 28, 1999 This notice may affect your rights. Please read it carefully. If you purchased a Creative Audigy ES, Audigy Platinum...
  7. pygmypiranha

    New NAUSICAA DVD has Mark Hamill as Voice

    New Nausicaä DVD English Dub has MARK HAMILL as Voice Well, the other night I made a run to Wally World at like midnight to get the long awaited Nausicaä DVD release. The film is just awesome. It's the first movie done by Hayao Miyazaki and his company Studio Ghibli. Amazingly enough...
  8. pygmypiranha

    The UP 200 Dog Sled Race

    This evening in Marquette, I went to the UP200 dogsled race. It was absolutely awesome! I had so much fun, despite the cold temperatures. This race is the second largest race in the continental United States. You have never lived until you've been to downtown Marquette Michigan in...
  9. pygmypiranha

    K A R L

    This is absolutely hillarious. My girlfriend Megan showed this to me and I thought it was creative and cute. Check out KARL's page. It's got videos of him swimming around to music and has some other funny things on it.
  10. pygmypiranha

    To The Death!

    Has anyone ever played WC3 with the intent to purposefully loose? I actually have to see what would happen in the game if the Confederation lost the war. It's actually a really interesting sequence of events. The Confederation is loosing the war and such and Eisen keeps sending you on...
  11. pygmypiranha

    Dino Riders

    Hey guys~ Currently I am on a mission pretty much to gather all the remaining episodes of Dino Riders, an older 1988-1990 cartoon. Anyone remember this series? It was actually pretty awesome, way back in the day and I remember collecting the toys and videos. Now, in a quest to...
  12. pygmypiranha

    WING COMMANDER MOVIE to Metallica's "FUEL"

    Hey, I completed my music video of the Wing Commander movie to Metallica's "FUEL". How might I upload that to the website for download? The file size is 45.6mb. It is in MPEG format.
  13. pygmypiranha

    WC and Drinks

    Does anyone recall what the favorite drinks are of the main characters (ie Blair, Jason, Tolwyn, etc.)? I was in a heated discussion with my friend about Blair having a drink he always had, but honestly could not recall what it was...
  14. pygmypiranha

    Wc Tv Show?

    Ok, I have been away for awhile and all so bear with me... Last time I was on the CIC boards... like a year ago... There were rumors and talk of a Wing Commander Television show. If you are still following perhaps you can point me in the direction of the thread or perhaps the latest news on...
  15. pygmypiranha

    Monkey Crap!

    Well gentlemen... A new forum has just sprung up. I think that a lot of you talk about the same things that is brought up on this forum, so if you want to give it a look see do so. The website that my friend has come up with is pretty interesting. I find it all rather hillarious, and if you...
  16. pygmypiranha

    Wing Commander Music Video

    I made a WING COMMANDER music video. The footage is from the WC movie. The music is Metallica "FUEL". Now that I have it done, how do I allow people to download it...?
  17. pygmypiranha

    Midway Carrier Program - Pros/Cons

    Do you feel that the Midway carrier program was a good idea? Some argue that the Midway program was an excellent idea because it allowed the combination of all the capital ships in a carrier battle group into a single platform that could take on several tasks at once (sorta the WC equivalent...
  18. pygmypiranha


    I don't know where to post this so move it if need be. Currently I am making a film (has nothing to do with Wing Commander) that is more of a horror film. It has influences from RESIDENT EVIL and THE RING. I'd really love any comments or suggestions that you have concerning this project...
  19. pygmypiranha

    The Next Election

    I was just curious what everyone feels about the next election and what party you plan on voting for. Also why you plan on voting for that party.
  20. pygmypiranha

    Congress Threatens Live Music and Dancing

    Hey guys... I just found this website that tells about a law (House Resolution 718) that wants to indirectly ban the rave scene. If this law is inacted, you can expect that the dying rave culture will take its final blow and be crushed by this bill. You can also expect that there will be...