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  1. Hunter_13

    Interesting channel

    I've seen posts on YouTube from this guy (and some love for it on this site) and I noticed this pop up recently.
  2. Hunter_13

    Underrated Sci-Fi gems from the 90s

    Guess what made the list?
  3. Hunter_13

    The History of Wing Commander and Nintendo - Ambitious Ports and a Lost Game

    Apologies if this was already posted, but I found this interesting. WCNEWS is actually referenced as well.
  4. Hunter_13

    Because I'm always looking for Wing Commander/Wing Commander-esque games on mobile:

    This seems promising:
  5. Hunter_13

    Wing Commander on Android

    For all of us WC Fans using an Android phone, I'd like to start this thread to feed our shared addiction. I currently have all the novels (minus False Colors), all episodes of Academy and most of the games in varying levels of playablility on my Droid 1. WC1 WC3 WC4 WC Armada WC Privateer...