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  1. HotJob

    Anyone need a copy of WC4 for Playstation?

    I don't do consoles, but I did spot a copy of Wing Commander IV- The Price of Freedom for Sony Playstation in a local used videogame store. Anyone looking for it for their collection? I could grab it for you...
  2. HotJob

    CORRECTION: LOAF to speak at synDCon AND Dragon*Con!

    According to Sandi Gardner, VP of Marketing for Cloud Imperium Games, our very own Bandit LOAF (Ben Lesnick) has been invited to speak at Dragon*Con next month. I can't make it (24/7 stand-by at work makes it hard to take trips) but I was wondering if anyone else planned on going?
  3. HotJob

    WC3 actor sighting- Flash has a new job!

    Well, it seems Flash's degree in the Acadamy was in law. Josh Lucas, who played Flash in Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger, is starring as Mitch McDeere in NBC's The Firm. Good to see a friendy ship!
  4. HotJob

    Col. Blair's 60th!

    Or at least his actor, Mark Hamil, born September 25th, 1951. Happy Birthday to the Hero of the Confederation!
  5. HotJob

    European school system question

    Hello folks! The wingnut community has a LOT of really bright individuals from several European countries. Here in the United States, there is an ongoing problem with low student achievement in the public school system. While there are many different ideas about what to do to increase...
  6. HotJob

    Dralthi Mk. VII crashed near Sweden?

    Picked up on ocean floor sonar Close-up of "anomaly" The size of the item in the sonar image is 60 meters. How big is a Dralthi? Could a mis-jump cause time travel? We know a Talon appeared in the Tri-System sector a hundred years after they were very popular in the Gemini...
  7. HotJob

    Prophecy MIA recovery unwinable?

    Hello folks! I am currently replaying Wing Commander Prophecy. I never finishied it when it first came out because I met the woman that was to become my wife. ANYWAY... Playing on a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz (dual-threaded) Gateway running XP3. I have installed all the upgrades to the game...