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    Return to Monkey Island coming 2022

    It looks like a sequel is happening
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    F-14s vs MiG-28s - May 1986, a Danger Zone in the Indian Ocean

    13th May 1986 - the USS Enterprise is rushed to the Indian Ocean to provide air support to the rescue of a communications relay ship that is adrift in enemy territorial waters. F-14 Tomcats are scrambled to face the deadly new enemy fighter, the MiG-28. Very few have seen it close before, and...
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    Lego Models by Primus 😲

    I don't think these have been posted before. It looks like Primus of Brick Commander finished these exceptional models on 10 April 2011.
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    TIE Fighter Total Conversion - Full Release Trailer

    From the TIE Fighter: Total Conversion (TFTC) website: The TIE Fighter Total Conversion (TFTC) project is aimed at porting the original classic 1994 LucasArts game TIE Fighter, into the 1999 X-Wing Alliance (XWA) engine. Based on the original TFTC from 2005 and built upon the X-Wing Alliance...
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    Ubisoft to make Star Wars game & Bethesda to make Indiana Jones game

    Lucasfilm Games' New Partnerships Mean the Galaxy's the Limit The Disney-owned company just announced a new Star Wars title coming from Ubisoft and an Indiana Jones game from Bethesda. And that's just the beginning. Bethesda Softworks to make Indiana Jones game Clues found in the trailer
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    Star Blazers 2199: World War 2 in Space!

    In case you haven't seen it yet, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (a remake/reboot of the original) can be streamed at Funimation. Currently 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon!
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    Halo fan makes 7 foot, 112 pound, UNSC Frigate from 25,000 Legos

    Here's more information LEGO Halo fan spends 5 years designing & building 7-foot UNSC heavy frigate from 25,000 bricks
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    "Star Wars: Underworld" test footage + Making Of

    maybe not that far from "Wing Commander: New Detroit"?
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    Star Trek: Picard | Free Series Premiere Episode on Youtube

    It has to be watched on Youtube and no idea how long it will be available
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    Fan made Indiana Jones point and click demo released

    A fan made freeware Indiana Jones point and click mini game game has been released! Indiana Jones and the Relic of the Viking screenshots from Indie Retro News
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    Lost Akira Sega game (unreleased prototype) found

    Sega Akira Prototype developed by Black Pearl Software in 1993 with an intended release for 1995 multiple game styles
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    Freddie Prinze Jr. drops a "Kilrathi knowledge bomb"

    Freddie Prinze Jr. analyzes Star Wars (not sure what forum to post to)
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    Ohio Entomologist Finds Possible Evidence of Life on Mars

    Ohio University Emeritus Professor William Romoser analyzed a number of photos from various Mars rovers and found insect-like and reptile-like forms in the images, appearing to verify that life exists on Mars. Are these Martians? Perhaps a fossil: from...
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    Flight Simulator (as passenger)

    Airplane Mode simulates being a passenger on a Transatlantic flight. interview with Hosni Auji about his game From the Steam page: ABOUT THIS GAME This is a game where you play as a window seat passenger for the real-time duration of a long-haul commercial flight across the Atlantic. Airplane...
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    Hot Wing Commander

    available at Teepublic and designed by APStephens Edit: previously reported at
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer

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    The Guardian: 10 of the strangest star cameos in video games

    Rami Malek’s slasher horror, Bowie as a cyberpunk hacker, streetfighting Carmen Electra, and John Hurt down and dirty … improbable roles for A-listers includes "Mark Hamill – Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger" but was that really a "cameo"...
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    How Richard Garriott Works & his PC brand

    Short article at Lifehacker on how Richard Garriott works He lives in New York and runs his Austin company by using Beam to teleport (his word) to Austin from his home office in NYC. Here it is in action He...
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    Flying Hornet Being Built

    A Wing Commander Hornet designed and built by AircPirateNinsei is being readied for flight