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    Can't run missions - T&L Problem?

    Hi, For the first: I can run Freespace 2 without problems. But Saga breaks down every time I try to run a mission. When I checked system requirements, I noticed, that Saga seems to require a videocard which supports T&L. I don't know much about videocards so I can't be sure... I use a...
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    Freespace 2 and me never remembering things...

    I kind of remember that Freespace 2 was once declared to be abandonware and that there was once a official web-page for the download... But: I'm not sure and I can't find it. So here's the question: Is Freespace 2 (still) abandonware and were can I get it? (Fast answer would be nice...
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    Where are all the people?

    Is it just me or is the place kind of dying out? When I joined, there were always lots of people online an now it's always just and hand full of users... What's going wrong?
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    Who is she?

    I never played the first WC Games. Can somebody tell me who she is and how she is called? <image src=""/>
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    Select ships and equipment in Standoff

    Hi, I just started to play standoff and flew two or three missions. Is there a way to select your ship and equipment/weapons in Standoff? This Stiletto with its Massdrivers suck...
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    P2 is Back!

    I do so love this game!!! Now my joystick works, the trading is great, I like the amosphere... Hell I don't know why I didn't buy it when it came out... :) Though I got one gameplay question. I you fire at a CIS ship by accident, and they turn hostile towards you... now what do you do...
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    Joystick troubles with Privateer 2

    Hi, I use an Thrustmaster USB joystick. The stick worked fine with Privateer Gemini Gold (which I bought it for) but has little "turn to the right tendency" when i play privateer 2. (BTW, I use the Win Patch and run WIn XP home). Recalibrating only helps in one way, that the ship stays on...