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    Whatever happened to Frontier Prelude to Darkness

    Looks like it was taken down deliberately. The twitter account is still there, but no activity since april. Everything else is gone. There's a contact email on the domain registration if you really want to ask what happened.
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    WiFi Access and Bandwidth

    Or just tell you him you were charged for excess bandwidth consumption after his last visit, and if you catch him torrenting again he'll be kicked off the connection. Or just insist that he act responsibly and throttle down bit torrent while he's using your connection. If he's like half the...
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    GG Savegame files absent from Save folder

    Did you install it under program files? If so, look in users/<username>/appdata/local/virtual store/program files....
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    An admitted copy of a legal question for y'all...

    The FS2 engine was released under a non-commercial license, making it free for use by any project that isn't making money from it. The assets - art, music, models, textures, mission scripts and so on - are still under the original licence. So long as Saga doesn't contain any assets from FS2...
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    Austin Crewman Teases Out First Comic (March 30, 2004)

    No second page at the obvious URL, last post from the user was a promise of Page 2 to follow. Google turns up a sketch with the same dialog from the same artist, posted Jan 2010, but nothing further.
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    Old-ish game search

    Space Empires? VGA planets?
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    Reinstalled Windows, error: Could not determine what GL DLL to load

    Did you install Standoff on top of secret ops?
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    X Rebirth announced

    This one is meant to be a ground up rewrite, so hopefully the pilot AI will be a lot stronger. Along with some fixes to the UI, and they should know what needs to be fixed by now, it could be a great game.
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    Help Remembering a Spacefight Scene

    Could be the intro from the first Freespace?
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    Abandonware and buying WC titles online...can we clarify once and for all?

    The Entertainment Software Association won't take action to protect an EA title that old. Doesn't make it legal, just makes it safe enough for Abandonia to host it anyway.
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    Abandonware and buying WC titles online...can we clarify once and for all?

    They aren't talking about copyright, they are talking about ESA protection of the title. They list EA has having 15 years protection, so any EA titles older than 1996 are now fair game as far as Abandonia are concerned.
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    Wing Commander Source Code

    The OpenTTD project did just that. TTD failed to work on windows XP, someone disassembled it and a few years later, you can download C++ source which is as easily understood as any other program. Wing Commander won't be reversed engineered though, theres no real motivation to do so given...
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    Need help with a data storage format

    Google the numbers on it. It should read in any QIC minicart drive.
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    Is The X Series Any Good?

    Some of that is a little harsh unless you are talking about the first game. Between time advance and the jumpdrive, you can get anywhere in the universe in 20 seconds realtime, if you use a fast ship most stations can be reached in 20 seconds gametime. The exception is Terran space in the last...
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    Is The X Series Any Good?

    Did you press 'j' at any point in that 20 minute flight? Playing X without time advance is torturous. Have to agree on the menus, but you get used to them.
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    Is The X Series Any Good?

    Freelancer is pretty poor, the plot forces you to follow a set path through the universe, by the time you are really free to explore you already have the third best ship in the universe, the economy is completely static. On the plus side, the multiplayer is supposed to be good. Or theres...
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    Is The X Series Any Good?

    X:BtF was evil. You had to scrimp and save to get time advance, saving could only happen while docked and cost money every time, and the Xenon were actually dangerous. Good times. As for the more modern games, you can have a lot of fun in X3R or X3TC, but don't go expecting brilliant...
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    Upgrade considerations.

    Its better to go too large than too small, but these things lose efficiency when underloaded as well as when overloaded. Very few, if any, gamers have enough of a system to justify a 2KW power supply. For the system under discussion, a 500W or so PSU would be more than adequate, provided its...
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    WC3 installation problems

    Take out the colon after the first d - you are specifying what drive letter to use, not specifying a path.
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    WCPedia: New Fighter

    From what I can make out, you need to put <noinclude> tags around the bottom part of the article, otherwise it tries to include the demonstration call to the template whenever you call the template.