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    Ok before everybody bangs thier heads on thier keyboards thinking this's another jump drive question, don't. After reading a discussion in another thread about which fighters do and don't have jump-drives, is there any reference as to why? Is the drive too big to fit on smaller fighters, or is...
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    EA Replay Australian release

    Hey for what it's worth to any fellow Aussies out there, Toys'r'us have started advertising the game for around $67, and after talking with a mate of mine working at EB the release date is December 14. I almost can't wait, the box art is the version with the Wing Commander bubble on top (as it...
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    WC: HoTX

    So there I was casually browsing ytmnd when I came across this little gem:
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    strange enemy VDU

    OK first congrats on releasing episode 3, with global rankings to boot! Thats one way to make sure pilots log time in the sim eh? ;) Now onto my point. Not sure if you lot or anybody else has noticed but sometimes in the Kitty Gauntlet I'm flying against Sartha that show up in my VDU with...
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    Uh-oh, Sim glitch

    1st I'd like to thank everybody involved for releasing such a well written game :cool: Played throught both episodes after a clean install and overall a great game I did find a few bugs :( In chapter one some of the briefing speech gets cut off when new blips appear on the map, I'm sure it...
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    Top 3 anime

    Hey gettin kinda bored so i was wondering.....wat would you peaple say to be your top 3 personal anime movies/series? Mine are: 1. Cowboy Bebop 2. Macross 3. Akira
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    Hornet Kit

    Hey finally got me a cam so heres a few pics of my nearly completed wooden hornet :)
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    that darn hornet

    Hey guys i went rumaging thru all my old boxes few days back and found my hornet model and design papers for it. My friend was going to help out with the parts sheet but now he's too busy with assignments so i was wondering if anybody could help out with the image files, just cleaning up the...
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    wing commander model kits

    Hey people im new here and first id like to say what a wonderful job the CIC has been doing over the last few years :) Now the ass kissing is outta the way i was wondering if there would be enough demand for me to create a printable sheet with instructions to make a Hornet out of balsa or...