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    Gwenhyvar's Rapiers

    Something occurred to me when replaying Secret Missions 1 recently. The way the Gwenhyvar is spoken of makes it sound like it's a ghost story that has been out there for years. Yet when you encounter it, the only human fighters which accompany it are Rapiers. Here's the dilemma: Rapiers are...
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    A quick graphics question about Thrakhath in WC2

    Is there any scene in Wing Commander 2 (including the add-ons) that show Thrakhath in his ceremonial garb at a distance from the front so that you can see his chest and legs? I remember a cutscene where he is momentarily captured in Special Operations 1, but I think there he had a more practical...
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    Messed up missions in Privateer CD-ROM

    I have the CD-ROM Classics version of Privateer, and some of the missions just turn out incorrect for some reason. It's a rare occurrence, but I've had missions where I'm supposed to go up against retros or pirates and found Kilrathi waiting for me. I've double-checked things and the mission...
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    Ultima 8: Lost Vale box uncovered

    Lookie here: And this is the discussion where it surfaced: Apparently there are plans to put it up for auction soon.
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    Game-hanging bug

    I have no idea what happened, but suddenly when playing Gemini Gold, during flight the game suddenly froze in part. The view of space is completely black, and since I am using the mouse for control the pointer leaves behind a trail. Pressing the button I get the firing sound and the weapon...
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    Enemy lasers vs. mine

    Am I being delusional, or are the enemies capable of firing their lasers more rapidly than those on my poor Tarsus? It sure sounds like it!
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    Iceman casting

    Ok, I've seen Wing Commander casting threads coming up here every now and then, but people seem to have trouble coming up with a suitable actor for my favourite character from WC1: Iceman. My personal favourite would be Dylan McDermott. He looks pretty close, but my biggest point is that when he...
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    Privateer 2 crash

    After playing for a while the game hangs up whenever I try to land on a planet. The following Windows error message appears: Application Error: C:\DARK\DARK.EXE The instruction at 0043e7b6 referenced memory at 00dd96d6 The memory could not be read from Click OK to terminate the application
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    Fired up the oldies again

    After a long time I started playing the first two Wing Commanders, though by now I'm only the first Secret Missions. Thank the deity of your choosing for DOSBox. There are a couple of things that puzzle me. First, who do they say that the Jalthi have six forward-mounted lasers, when in reality...
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    Speech samples anywhere?

    Is there anywhere I could find a diverse supply of speech samples from Super Wing Commander and Wing Commander Sega CD version? I'm just curious to hear how they made the pilots sound (especially Iceman). I've already heard SWC Paladin from the intro clip.
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    WC3 version differences?

    Just wondering, what are the differences between the regular Wing Commander 3 and the Kilrathi Saga version?
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    Mods for the other side?

    Are there any mods in progress that would allow you to play as Kilrathi?
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    Requesting info on an auction item

    Here: Can anyone tell if this collection includes expansion packs for the various games? The page is mostly in Finnish, but that doesn't really say much of anything on the subject.
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    Wing Commander + DOSBox + joystick = choppy music

    Wing Commander runs fine in DOSBox otherwise, but if I try to use my ye olde Gravis joystick, music gets choppy (=has split second pauses, more if I move the joystick around). I have 1,3 GHz AMD Athlon with 256 MB memory. The joystick plugs into the gameport at my Sound Blaster 128 PCI card...
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    Is Behemoth's energy output sufficient?

    This is very nitpicky, but I was browsing the trivia archives and came upon what Admiral Tolwyn says the output of Behemoth's main gun is: 500 million gigawatts (or 500 petawatts). According to this: one megaton of explosive power equals 4.2 petajoules. This...
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    Ultra-lethal missiles in WC4?

    I'm not sure whether this should go to general or tech support since I'm not sure whether this is a gameplay issue or a bug. Anyway, I recently started playing Wing Commander IV under Win95 on my 1333 MHz system, and it plays fine except for one thing: missiles always kill me with a single hit...
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    If Hobbes hadn't been the traitor...

    ...who do you think it should've been and why? At least I thought the identity overlay stuff was a bit too cheesy. And hey, Hobbes is cool! After considering this question, I came to the conclusion that my personal preference would've been Vaquero. Hypothetically speaking: he's from the...
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    Spirit always dies in Jotunheim?

    I've encountered a weird problem while playing Secret Missions 1. Every time I finish mission Jotunheim 3, I end up standing alone at the debriefing, and Spirit is listed as KIA. No matter what I do, this always happens. I've tried sending Spirit back home during the mission, finishing the...
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    Something missing from the CIC game guides

    It seems that mission T'lan Meth 9 from Prophecy is missing from the CIC guide. Could this be fixed?
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    This is what I hate in these boards...

    Why, oh why are the messages arranged so that the first one is at the end of the thread? On EVERY SINGLE other message board I've ever seen it's exactly the other way around! I've rummaged through all the settings I've seen on the board, and I haven't found any way to change this viewing format...