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  1. TurboTim07

    24 Hour GoG Sale on Wing Commander

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but all the Wing Commander games are currently on sale at GoG for 80% off if you pick up all the games at the same time or 60% off individually. Also, I think it was either last month or the month before, Game...
  2. TurboTim07

    Bearcat Reimagined WIP

    Hi everyone! Haven't posted anything in a very long time, but I figured I'd share something I've been working on. With all the new stuff going on for Star Citizen and the 3D model prints through Shapeways, I started thinking about how one of my favorite fighters would work. So I give y'all the...
  3. TurboTim07

    OpenGL problem

    I just tried running Saga in Vista using OpenGL instead of Direct3D (since Direct3D gives pixelated splitting movies). But whenever I try to run it, it gives me an error saying "Unable to get proper pixel format for OpenGL W32." Can anyone help me with this?
  4. TurboTim07

    Wing Commander Figures

    Hey all. Was surfing around looking for Robotech toys, and I stumbled upon this: not sure how reliable the site is but thought it'd be something interesting to check out for anyone who wants to.
  5. TurboTim07

    Xbox 360 Gold Live card?

    i was lookin around on Gamestop's site and i came across this... note at the bottom it says "* Renew at your pace with or...
  6. TurboTim07

    LEGO Longbow and clay Arrow

    hey all. i've finally gotten around to taken pictures of my Longbow made outta LEGOs and my Arrow i made outta clay. they could be much better and could use a lot of improvement but i just don't have enough LEGOs to make a better one and my clay skills aren't very good. anyways here're the links...
  7. TurboTim07

    car HUDs?

    when Striker was shopping for a car and talking about the Grand Prix having a HUD i went searching on the net and found out and quite a few cars now a days have HUDs built in that tell your speed, a compass, turn signals, and radio station. unfortunately, my car isn't one of them :( but, i do...
  8. TurboTim07

    Runtime error

    Hi. I just downloaded the new patch and the Remake 1.1 patch cuz it was suppose to be compatible. but now when i hit autopilot it gives me this error Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual...
  9. TurboTim07

    bad sync on trailers and other videos

    Hey everyone. i've downloaded the music videos that have been coming up and the Making of Wing Commander III as well as other trailers to the other games just to watch them but after a few seconds or a minute or two, the video pauses and then continues but the sound doesn't stop and what happens...
  10. TurboTim07

    bomb crews

    what kind of crews does each bomber have? i know there's at least a pilot and a gunner but are there more or is that it?
  11. TurboTim07

    Mark Hamill on Attack of the Show Mark Hamill's suppose to be on Attack of the Show tonight on G4TV. The show's on right now if anyone's watching, and I think he'll be on towards the end.
  12. TurboTim07

    gun energy?

    gun refire rates? just one very important (to me) question. how does the game do gun firing rates? do they add them together like Prophecy and SO or do they do them individually like WC4 and WC3? like will four lasers fire at the same rate at two lasers?
  13. TurboTim07

    installing XWA in XP

    hey all. i've been trying to install X-Wing Alliance onto my computer which runs XP but when i try it says: 16 bit Windows Subsystem C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the...
  14. TurboTim07

    WC4 DVD Problems

    yep... ok. first i had the first patch and got all excited. it didn't work. so i told gulikoza and he made the second patch. installed it and got the second mpeg2.dll file and put that in there. and got AC3Filter and installed it. the intro worked so i quit out assuming it all worked. this a...
  15. TurboTim07


    i downloaded the videos that were bloopers of wc4 and i was wondering if there's more? if so where'd you get them from or where can i find them?
  16. TurboTim07

    can someone help?

    i downloaded the update data file but now i can't load the game. i see the splash screen then it kicks me :confused:
  17. TurboTim07

    Robotech mod looking for help

    hey all. i've been following a Robotech mod for a while now and they've started off as Starcraft but have now switched to Warcraft III. they're doing extremely well although progress has been slow right now. their problem is that their modellers and skinners haven't been active lately and they...
  18. TurboTim07

    MW4 Mercs problems

    Anyone here have MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries? I'm having problems getting it to run. It installs correctly and I can load up the game, but after the intro movie the screen goes black and then im back on the my desktop again. It leaves a window that's black with a MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries title...
  19. TurboTim07

    PiArmada Help

    after playing it a few times i kept gettin errors i copied what it gave me Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 179, in ? File "Armada_GUI.pyc", line 190, in Handle_Mouse_Up File "Sector_Screen.pyc", line 388, in Turn_Button_Function File...
  20. TurboTim07

    bearcat blueprints

    does anyone have top, bottom, front, back, and side views of a bearcat? im taking drafting (officially Intro. to Engineer Drawing but it's drafting :D ) at my school and right now i've done all the assignments my teacher's given me and i wanna see if i can try to model a Bearcat. so if anyone...