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  1. DaveO

    My Photobucket archive no longer free

    I already have copies of my Wing Commander screenshots from my Community Replay a long time ago. I'm not sure when the transition occurred, but I'll obviously be looking for a new place to host those shots along with other screenshots.
  2. DaveO

    Joystick flight mode problems in WC3

    I recently tried both my free Origin WC3 version and the Good Old Games version and encountered a problem where the joystick either does not respond(Origin version) or spins in circles(GoG version) when going into the flight mode of the game. Using a joystick works without issues when navigating...
  3. DaveO

    EULA for GoG EA releases gives consent to data mining

    I saw the following part in the EULA... EA and its affiliates may collect and store non-personally identifiable data including your Internet Protocol Address as well as game play and software usage statistics. If and when you access online features and/or services (if any), this data may be...
  4. DaveO

    How many Vesuvius class carriers were built?

    I know at least two or three with Prophecy: Secret Ops showing one getting destroyed by the Nephilim.
  5. DaveO

    YouTube Partnership email scam?

    I recently received some emails in regards to the Wing Commander videos I have on my channel. I figure that the probability of a scam is pretty high, but I've pasted the email content below on the small chance the email is legitimate. From my Google searches thus far, this is very likely a scam...
  6. DaveO

    Thanks Chris! You're awesome!

    I was having difficulties logging into the forums, and he helped out with a password reset. I have no idea what happened to all of the reset emails that were sent out.
  7. DaveO

    Escape key won't work with WC4 DVD(2 sided)

    I've tried multiple ways to get the game to work including using the instructions and AC3 filter mentioned. If I take out the AC3 filter, the videos work but there is no sound. I'm really wanting to play the game in HD glory on this version, so I'd like to know if there is a specific...
  8. DaveO

    Some Wing Commander auctions(soon to sell)

    Your chance to pick up a copy or two of the Wing Commander series. It's not my auction.
  9. DaveO

    Birthday bash chat?

    I was not too sure how long it takes to post it, but I wanted to ask since it was available last year.
  10. DaveO

    X-Wing Collector's CD: Resource viewer?

    Hello everybody! As I'm making my slow rookie progress thru the X-Wing game, are there resources like the WC3 and WC4 viewers? If possible, I'd like to post the alternative cutscenes like I did on the WC1-WCP playthrus.
  11. DaveO

    Video recorder for WC Prophecy?

    I'd like to ask if anybody has an alternative to Fraps that will record the game videos. I ran into a problem where the videos and in-flight stuff gets repetitive as soon as I engage Fraps recording. I'll try the recordings again with a fresh boot into Windows, but I'm not sure if that will...
  12. DaveO

    WC4 Bearcat

    Apologies if this topic has been brought up before, but I did a search and did not find much. Does anybody have any info on the service record of the ship in other actions? What is the majority positive/negative opinion of this fighter? You don't get to fly it much in WC4, and I thought it was...
  13. DaveO

    Prophecy, Secret Ops, and HCl's Enhancement pack

    I had to go thru a few hoops to create the same callsign in Secret Ops, so I'm posting what worked for me so that others may use the same process. The best installation procedure seems to be as follows: 1. Install WC Prophecy 2. Install Secret Ops in a separate folder(a subfolder in...
  14. DaveO

    Worst game ever played?

    Well my Atari 2600 vote is ET, and for the PC it's Descent to Undermountain. Let's open it up to all platforms: so what are the worst stinkers you've had the misfortune to play? Please give a few reasons why the game was so bad other than a generic 'sucks' comment.
  15. DaveO

    Possibility of getting banned from YouTube before finishing WC Community Replay

    YouTube went after a recent Swords of Xeen video I posted and deleted it. I was able to add it back in, but it looks like there is a 'Spanish Inquisition' going on and people making video game videos are being targeted. I'd like recommendations on alternative sites I can use that won't do...
  16. DaveO

    Wing Commander 3 Intro cinematic up

    I know that we're not planning on playing WC3 until July 20th, but I thought I'd hype things up a bit with the introduction cinematic. I had to break the intro into two parts due to length and have them uploaded to: Due to DOSBox recording limitations, you...
  17. DaveO

    Wing Commander 3: Cockpit or no cockpit?

    For the upcoming Wing Commander 3 mission recordings, I'm expecting the preference to be cockpits but I thought I'd add a poll to let the fans vote.