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    Church of the Read Breast Scambait Hahahaha! Man this is one great scambait.
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    Too many drinking comps, can;t focus

    Man, that was a great night out, and I'm suprised I can read what I'm typing. This is the last time I type when moderatley tipsy. A curry, rice, poppadoms, naan, and a drink all for a fiver, bargain. Leaves plenty of money for drinking comps. Mmmm, curry.
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    Wouldn't happen to my old Nokia 1100 Good old crappy phone that doesn't get viri
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    Too good to be true? 1tb inbox, with no ads, something's not quite right.
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    Windows Vista comes with IE 7 And there was me thinking IE was dead.
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    Which came first? The novels or the games?

    This is probably the noobiest question any of you guys have heard for a while but which came first, the novels or the games?
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    Quiet Graphics Cards

    Hey there you guys! I'm going to buy a graphics card sometime soon, and I want one that's quiet. I was thinking of going for the Radeon 9800SE AGP edition, only trouble is, I think the fan is noisy. My dad has a Radeon 9500Pro, which is very quiet, but I'm after something a little faster than...
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    Idea for multiplayer game

    I realise you probably have much more important things to work on but I was wondering if there was any mileage in a Confed vs. Kilrathi multiplayer game. My idea is that you have two teams, confed and kilrathi and you fight each other capturing systems until one side wins. Just an idea. Any...
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    Am I a geek or a techy.

    I have always thought of myself as a techy, but am often called a geek. However, those people are unaware of the difference between a geek and a nerd. At the moment I believe that geeks do have social lives, but mainly hang out with other geeks, whereas techies are people who are just as into...
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    How do get to see the new series of Doctor Who in the USA

    Just out of curiosity, can you get BBC1 in America (or anywhere else in the world other than Britain) so that you can see the latest series of doctor who, or is there some other channel that shows it? :confused:
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    Funny Music

    What's with the crazy music that plays when you are escorting the senator for kaydence? BTW: The message from the insurgents doesn't work.
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    Who would win out of these Sci-Fi stories

    Who do you think would win if several of the sci fis had a big fight. Star Trek vs. Star Wars Wing Commander vs. Star Trek Wing Commander vs. Star Wars R2D2 vs. a Dalek The Daleks vs. the Borg J.C. Denton vs. Gordon Freeman Doctor Who vs. Yoda
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    How do you get the avatar to work?

    How do you get the avatar to work? There doesn't seem to be an option to specify a picture that you can use for your avatar
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    How do you get the shields back to full power

    I accidently reduced the shield strength and there doesn't seem to be a button to restore them to full strength. The only way i've been able to restore them is by switching the cloaking device on and off, and then wait for the shields to regenerate back to max strength.
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    Are cloaking devices available in Privateer?

    Are cloadking devices available in Privateer or can I only get them in RF. I havent seen any so far. Also, were they available in the originial privateer because if they were i couldn't find them.
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    Mirroring Privateer Remake

    I really love what you guys have done with Privateer and want to help make it available for more people. I have a reliable server with plenty of bandwith and I was wondering if I needed special permission to mirror it?
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    Target Tracking on Guns

    I bought one of those target tracking thingamagigs that weren't in the original. I accidently put it on the light missle mount on my demon and I can't seem to change the mount. Also, it doesn't seem possible to sell that piece of equipment. Finally, do you need a particular radar to enable atuo...