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  1. Delance

    Escapist Reviews Wing Command Prophecy

    Its nice to see a new review of a Wing Commander game. Here it is: The site will post a review of WC1 and WC2 next week.
  2. Delance

    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander He spends the first 2 1/4 minutes of the review praising Wing Commander 3 and 4, but then it gets silly very fast.
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    WCIV is back on 24

    Wing Commander IV is pretty much rivaling Robocop in 24 connections. After Seether and Vagabond, is time for Hawk to make an appearance. Note: Seether gets to kill a Dr. Paulson on the show.
  4. Delance

    WC SNES manual in portuguese If anyone ever wanted a pic of a the WC SNES manual in portuguese, here it is. I just asked to seller to see if its a full manual with fiction and bios translated.
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    Wing Commander - A Batalha Final VHS

    A supposedly rare VHS version of the Wing Commander Movie with Portuguese subtitles, with some low-res pics: Is this an item of interest?
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    Errors in the Encyclopædia Britannica that have been corrected in Wikipedia

    What do you know. And there's this link here too. :p Mostly irrelevant nitpicking, of course.
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    Wing Commander Mega CD Now what's this? The japanese Sega CD version? It has some neat artwork.
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    Strike Commander Intro

    I just stumbled upon this lost gem from Origin... Great game with a fantastic 3D engine for 1993. Ultimately, the fun story is what pays off. Some other info here:
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    Wing Commander mentioned
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    More than WC4 in common

    Fox’s show 24 already has 2 Wing Commander sightings. On the last Season (4), François Chau, better known as Vagabond from Wing Commander 3 and 4, played the role of the Chinese Consul. Unfortunately, he becomes a victim of friendly fire and a major plot device of the series. "I just lost a...
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    Simulator Ship Review

    After playing some missions on the simulator, I can offer a small review. Not before, of course, I thank the Standoff team and the CIC for this great mod and the nice web scoreboard. Thanks. Well, here it is: Wraith – Superfighter Stilleto – Why mass drivers rocks Ferret – Decent if you...
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    This is mildly amusing. Some of the leftover german terms are just amazing. Tolwyn: As you cannot know or capacity, us currently on the way of system of Torgo, in which we are the will which... The destiny go is. Messrs..., I give you...
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    Less Used Ship or Space Object

    Reading this thread about the Scout Frigate, I began to wonder how many times it was used, because I don’t remember seeing it often. Maybe frigates aren’t popular with mission designers. I remember the Venture Frigate being used a single time on WC1. So, is there some list with this kind of...
  14. Delance

    Pope talks about extraterrestrial life

    This is an interesting discussion about the subject, during this interview of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Source This rather sums up how I feel about this subject, even if I have not read this interview before. Next on TC News: Should mankind convert the Kilrathi?
  15. Delance

    Republic Commando

    Now there's a nice squad based sapce FPS game. Quite good. The Squad AI is great. Anyone here had a chance to play it as well? The best one since, say, Terranova: Strike Force Centauri.
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    Merry Christimas

    Merry Christimas to everyone!
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    Penny-Arcade and WC Movie --- Well, there it is.
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    Wild Goose Chase on Privateer

    How many time did you lose actually trying to: ... locate the secret weapons depot? ... tring to find a way out of Gemini, either to Kilrathi or Confed space?
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    Kilrathi Evolution

    Yet another chapter on the endless probing of every single detail of the WCU, which makes us such a great community The Kilrathi say: "You pathetic descendent of monkeys!" Also, Confed Intel on the Victory Streak WC3 Manual claims that the Kilrathi evolved from some feline race. This...
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    The Versus Game

    Now, now, some people like the word game, some people hate it. But perhaps we could exercise our WC knowledge a bit on a different kind of game. It's pretty simple. Each poster decides a match, and starts a new one. For example. 1: WCP Navy Uniform vs WCP Space Force Uniform 2: WCP...