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  1. maniac89

    Hawk on "Lost"

    I just saw the newest episode of Lost, and Hawk from WC4 and WCP had a minor part on it. Also, as you may already know, Vagabond has made several apperances from the course of last season and this season.
  2. maniac89

    Has anyone got Scarface yet?

    I got Scarface for the PS2 a couple of days ago, and I love it! It has alot of great controls and storyline, and takes off right where the movie left off, except with a twist. I assume almost everyone's seen the movie, so go out and buy the game if you haven't already. And if you are currently...
  3. maniac89

    Who do you think flies better. . . ?

    Maniac or Casey? I just can't really chose between the two. The maianc
  4. maniac89

    Favorite Game of All Time!!!!

    What is your favorite game of all time? Don't include Wing Commander! As poster of this thread, that rule doesn't apply to me, so my favorite game was Wing Commander IV. The mANiaC
  5. maniac89

    Has anyone ever seen Battlefield Earth?

    ,and did you like it or not? I'd like to know because I've never seen the movie but friends have said it was good and others say it's bad. I don't know which one to believe! So who do I ask?My buddys at! Anyway, thanks in advance, ThE MaNiAc
  6. maniac89

    Help with Armada online play

    I recently aquired Armada and got it running in DOSBox with no problems, then I tried to play it online using HCl's .exe, and it runs from there, but when I click on Net Play, it says this: NetBIOS has not been loaded. Please see your Network Manager or System Administrator on how to obtain...
  7. maniac89

    Putting all 13 Academy episodes on a DVD+RW

    Well, I think the title pretty much explains it, so how do I? Does anyone know some good burning software? Any help would be apreiceated. Thanks, The Maniac
  8. maniac89

    Privateer 2 DOS to Windows patch help

    Hey everyone! I recently got a DOS version of Privateer 2, and I'm aware of the patch to convert it to Windows 95, so I try it. Everything goes swimmingly until I go to launcher.exe, (after I installed it) it says insert Disc 1, now I'm not sure what to do there. Do I keep the disc in there...
  9. maniac89

    Apple Unveils Software to Run Windows XP

    Check this out:
  10. maniac89

    Windows 95 help

    Hey guys! I have an old Windows 95 laptop with a Pentimun II processor, and I need some help with it. I have a document on it written in Microsoft Word 97, and when I try to copy it to a disc it says "Cannot copy (the name of the document) to a disc. Make sure you specified the correct path and...
  11. maniac89

    The WCProphecy Movie Project

    Well, I am making a Prophecy movie with HCL's movie player. And I have a problem: How do I include the missions and the breifings (not the movie part, the part where you review your mission objectives). Any help would be greatly appreicated. Thanks, The Maniac
  12. maniac89

    Thread starter-What is the Origin Museum?

    I'm asking just what the thread is asking, what IS the Origin Museum?
  13. maniac89

    Help with Wing Commander Academy episodes . . .

    Whenever I click on the episode I wish to download for WCAcademy, the website doesn't load, and when I use that German website(which I convert into English using Google) doesn't download correctly. Please help.
  14. maniac89

    All the WC games.

    Out of all the WC games out there, for every system, every expansion etc., how many of them do you think there are?
  15. maniac89

    Xena(not the show)

    Just did this as a discussion for that tenth planet, Xena (pronounced Zena).
  16. maniac89

    I'm making a novel!

    Well, after seeing Deacan's incredibly hard work on his Privateer 2 novel, it inspiered me. Now, I am beginning to create a new story on my computer, that I titled Wing Commander: Vigilance. It is about the Confederation's attempt to create a new mega carrier in a last ditch effort to win the...
  17. maniac89

    John Spencer Appreiciation Thread

    I know it's been awhile since John Spencer(A.K.A. Hugh Paulson) passed away, but I've been meaning to make this thread. Here's to all his greatness.
  18. maniac89

    Remember Earth & Beyond?

    Are they making an Earth & Beyond 2? Because I was "sick" when I had school when it ended. :D