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    Wing Commander Fan Count +1

    Had a new baby boy today at 9:15. Can't wait to introduce him to WC. My three year old loves watching WCP hopefully this one will too!
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    Windows 7 - Activation Problems (Not Spam! :))

    Has anyone else had activation issues with Windows 7? Recently my graphics card burned out from extreme overuse (no, I'm not doing any kind of crazy over clocking or anything like that) so I bought a new graphics card for my computer (exactly the same model, from someone selling it out of a...
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    Episode 5 - Bugs (SPOILERS)

    Man...I feel bad even posting this so soon after the release but you guys said you want to know. Don't want you to think I'm complaining, I loved it. Dundradal encouraged me to post these now so I am. SPOILERS ABOUND -At the end of the last mission, after returning to the Firekka, I saw...
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    Various WCSO/WCP Continuity/Source Questions

    Ha, that's what you call a thread with multiple unrelated questions. Most of these are for LOAF though if anyone else has an answer please jump in. I've been digging at this stuff all day in the Forums. 1) General Continuity - What IS and what ISN'T considered official in-universe...
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    Wing Commander - Icons!

    I had some homework tonight to work on, and it get me thinking about Wing Commander. We were asked to pick a franchise we liked from books/games/television/movies and list five things that made it iconic. I picked Star Wars (because I like it a tiny bit better then Wing Commander, please don't...
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    WCP Edit - Proper Usage

    You need to make sure that WCPEdit is dumped into the WCSO installation directory. Install it there, and on first run, it should detect and load the IFF files for the WCSO ships automatically.
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    WCSO in Vista

    I just wanted to mention this here, because I haven't seen it anywhere, I've had some serious issues getting WCSO running in VISTA. The first thing I noticed is that I have to unpack the .tre files for the highres pack into the directory to get the highres pack to work properly (doors and...
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    Wcp/so Med

    So has anyone actually tried using the Mission Editor? I have, I haven't had any problems with it when using it to edit Mission Files, but I haven't be able to edit SRS files or create them. What's worse, files created with WCP are not compatible with MED. So if you use WCP to layout a series...
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    Creating Your Own WCSO EXE File

    (Just a note, this post isn't really for anyone, I'm just recording the steps I took to get somewhere in case anyone ever wants it.) Okay, since there is a distinct lack of tutorials on the matter, I'm going to walk through the steps I've taken in the last few days to get a WCSO EXE file to...
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    Here's an interesting question about Cloaking - from cut Prophecy material we know that the Nephilim supposedly have a way to detect when cloaked ships, what exactly is the context for this? The reason ask is simple, the Star*Soldier release seems to contradict this, with I think two ships that...
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    Nephilim Biblical Discussion

    I got LOAF's permission to post this, it's going to quote the Bible and delve pretty heavily into religious beliefs about the Nephilim, if you're going to be offended by this I truly am sorry. This is intended to be a discussion about how the Bible relates to the Nephilim, not a battle over...
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    WCP Pascal Error

    Getting a general error with WCP Pascal, it seems to happen whenever I try to declare and use any kind of a global variable. For example, the generic spawn routine that declares and calls several variables doesn't work in my code at all, I get the same error: CFlagList::CFlagIndex No Index...
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    WCAAO Recruiting

    Well I've come to realize that the demands of running this RPG are probably quite beyond my limited time availability right now. Keep in mind we're differant then other Fan Projects/Mods so we're going to have differant requirements. (We don't need a 3D Modeler or a WCPascal programer, for...
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    WCSO Questions

    Okay so, onto scripting now. I've got the Cerberus (as well as other ships) set to the player wing so they can all autopilot through the four navs together (the idea being that you're escorting the Cerberus) however...the Cerberus is ENTIRELY to close to the fighters after the autopilot ends...
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    Beautiful Models/Textures

    Well I was fooling around with the Standoff files today (Was that ever a trick! Did you have to pack it all into ONE .tre?) and I extracted some of the ships and lemme say - The Secret Ops/Prophecy ships don't even rate on the same scale. The models for Standoff are beautiful, and...
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    Hex Editing SO EXE

    So...if I'm right about this (And I might be way off base) it looks like you set all your missions to call on UE tre files that had the ships/comms etc etc in them, so that these files would be able to coexist with SO. At the same time you must have taken the SO EXE, or made an entirely new...
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    More WCSO Editing Questions

    1) Which STRING file contains the text for the mission comms? Is it done by pilot? IE: Comms from Amazon pertaining to the mission are stored in amazon.eng? 2) Is it possible to put a message in game with a video but without a related sound? 3) I see that from the UE Source Code, the...
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    WCSO Mission Briefing (again)'s the dealy. This is the old thread: I've been trying to add in a mission briefing to my mission already there, but it's giving me an error: "Cmission::Update - unknown command! 0" (Read without the quotes) Obviously...
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    Star Wars Trailer er, where's the thread about the Star Wars trailer that was shown with the episode of "Orange County" on TV tonight? I figured everyone here would be talking about it and here we are three hours after the trailer debuts online and no one has anything to say? I think the best scenes...
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    WCM in Starlancer?

    Okay, so here I am playing through the Starlancer Campaign and I come across this video clip. Great video clips in the game. Great game. And there in the clip is this image, that is so very clearly from the Wing Commander movie, right smack in the middle of the Starlancer game. Just...