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  1. QuailPilot

    Hello, I'm back.

    It's been a while, but I'm back! I've been trying to keep up with the news, but it's good to be back. I hope things have been going well here.
  2. QuailPilot

    Using Unity

    I've been fiddling around with Unity, and got the idea of using Unity as the engine to make a downloadable TacOps game. I'm sure it's possible, but as of this moment it's probably a little beyond me to make. (Especially coding rules and all that.) But just shooting this idea out there. Maybe...
  3. QuailPilot

    My (Late) Gift to the Community

    Unfortunetly it's still not finished, and it wasn't uploaded able yesterday, but here it is. And once again, sorry it's a little skewed, the paper slipped when scanning. It's my concept of a Kilrathi pilot. Using some ideas from both the movies, and games. But Happy Birthday CIC!
  4. QuailPilot

    And so I was bored

    Done with color pencils and paint thinner.
  5. QuailPilot

    Old Republic Timeline

    So I'm watching the Star Wars: The Old Republic's timeline videos. In the first one it has a WC Fleet Action esq theme. Where the Sith Empire, made peace with the Republic, and then later launched a surprise attack on the capitol city/planet.
  6. QuailPilot

    Kinda Sad

    Normally I don't post about my personal life, but this is somewhat related. My friend who introduced me to Wing Commander, so many years ago... He dad committed suicide last Tuesday. Now my friend is serving as a ground crew to one of the US Navy's S&R Helicopter squads, (WC influence...
  7. QuailPilot

    Quick Sketch: Ferret

    This was a quick sketch to help me get back into drawing. I imagine it as a Ferret pilot just about to go on patrol, and is reviewing his waypoints. I realize the Ferret isn't really scaled right, and the hands are a little funky, but I thought you all would enjoy it anyway. Those are the...
  8. QuailPilot

    Wing Commander Movie makes 20th the list of Best Video Game Adaptations. I don't agree with the cheesy special effects part. And the fact that FF: Spirits Within got 1st.
  9. QuailPilot

    Art Thread

    Well I've seen these in several other forums, and so I decided to start one up here. Here we can post pictures of our various artwork. Anything from 3d models, paintings, drawing, sketches, and ect. Anyway here is a piece that I did the other day. Its a little messy, but here it is:
  10. QuailPilot

    Co-Op missions in the Vision Engine

    I was wondering if it would be possible to create co-op multiplayer missions in the Vision Engine? I have a tiny idea, (though it may never get off the ground till much later) about making an online only campaign.
  11. QuailPilot

    Due to Popular Demand

    I'm going through and updating my website. Most of the links should work now, and I've redone some of the pages. Thanks to all of my supporters. Also... Blackout is also going through an overhaul, so keep your figures crossed.
  12. QuailPilot

    I was bored and I had a crazy idea...

    It would take a lot of work, but I was playing TacOps with a friend, and while I was waiting for him to finish his turn, I was folding a Paper Commander Dralthi. My friend and I think it would be and interesting combination to play play TacOps with paper commander ships, though it would be...
  13. QuailPilot

    Wings of Glory and Dos Box

    I'm using v.72 of Dosbox. Now, the game runs great, but I cannot see the subtitles. (Is there voices? I can't remember) I got the game running before on a v.6X with subtitles. Should I down grade to v.6x? or is there a way to get the subtitles working. Also: I correctly set up the sound...
  14. QuailPilot

    For All Concerned

    Well June 12 is decided when I get my gallbladder removed. Thought I'll let yall know. Oh ya, I turned 17 today.:p
  15. QuailPilot

    Fan Art: Return of the Banshee

    Ya ya ya I like the Banshee. I had this idea while listening to my oxygen meter beeping, it's my take on the Landreich flag with a Banshee in the foreground. My scanner wasn't cooperating that well so it may seem a little big. Screw that fixed it. The star could have been better, yes. And...
  16. QuailPilot

    Due to health reasons...

    Hey guys, I'm going to (and have been) in and out of the hospital. It's gotten to the point where my gallbladder is going to be removed, and they are trying to save my liver. I've tried to keep up, but it's getting difficult, since their computers don't let patients email. So some one can hop...
  17. QuailPilot

    Community Fan Project Idea/Discussion

    I just was thinking about a fan project which could include the entire community. I will apologies before hand if I don't explain it to well. For those of you who don't know in the Academy Cartoon, there is a part where Blair is doing a voice journal. I was thinking about how we could do...
  18. QuailPilot

    Sign of the Apocalypse?

    could it be?
  19. QuailPilot

    Deus Ex 3 announced

    I was cruising around and this trailer caught my eye. I'm downloading the trailer now as I type, and I'm hoping it's going to be as good as the last two.
  20. QuailPilot

    Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn Beta Sign Ups

    Hey guys, I was at Fileplanet and I saw this... I think several of you will be interested in it... Here is the link with some info: