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  1. cff

    E-bay forward needed USA => Austria

    Hi, I'd like to buy something form e-bay but the seller only sends to the USA. Anyone here willing to lend me his/her address and to forward the promo as international letter to me? (I...
  2. cff

    Last Chance to Support Wing Commander Music Kickstarter

    Today (yes, only today) I received the mail quoted below. So I kinda panicked on the spot that I might have missed a relaunch of the KS when I realized that the mail was just horribly late. No idea what went wrong, but from the mail header it looks like it was delayed at the source. Reporting...
  3. cff

    Joysticks for sale...

    Right now I am digging through lots of old hardware in order to reduce storage and I fell over 2 things that I thought might still be of interest to people: * a Gravis Phoenix * a CH Force FX with disfunctional force feedback, but otherwise fine * a CH Force FX with working force feedback * a...
  4. cff

    Star Citizen Grey Market

    Can someone summarize what the whole deal with the grey market was? Gifting ships, melting them, rebuing, ...? I don't remotly have the tim eto keep up with all SC stuff at this point.
  5. cff

    Wing Commander CCG

    As I've never bought a starter, can someone tell me the contents of a typical starter deck? AKA how should a beginner dek (without deckbuilding) look to get into the game. Any rules of thumb? Also: Are there any good/interesting deck builds out there that one could copy to get a feel for the...
  6. cff

    Voice Command Software

    Anyone know of a working voice command software for Windows 7 (Ultimate, 64 Bit). Prefferably something that does not rely on the built in Microsoft Speech Recognition. Loved Game Commander 2, but it won't work anymore and I seem to be unable to find anything else.
  7. cff

    Iron Sky

    Anyone seen it? Amongs lots of references to other stuff there is this line in there (translated from memory to English). Can you fly this spaceship? Um - I think so - I played all parts of Wing Commander Ah, that ist the original quote: “Ich kann ein UFO fliegen, ich habe alle Teile von...
  8. cff

    Anyone want a German WC3 and WC4

    A friend of mine decided to shrink his game collection and I menage to rescue them from destruction. So if anyone wants a German WC3 (without box or manual), a complete WC4 (6 CD version) and/or a DXR2-Card (no guarantees if it is working) drop me a line.
  9. cff

    EA Replay - Haunting Starring Polterguy

    Anyone know if the game actually has an end? I menage to get to the final boss (I assume) all right. Beat him until he turns into some spider/crab like things - no problem so far. But what now? Can they be beaten or are they just a mechanism to score points until you are finally out of health...
  10. cff

    EA Replay

    I have some questions regarding EA Replay (European/German Version). Can someone confirm wheter it is possible to steer diagonally in Wing Commander or if you can only go either up/down OR left/right Is it normal that the game is slightly jerky especially in 4:3?
  11. cff

    Hyphenation algorithm

    Does anyone know of a software (freeware, shareware, webbased) that allows to enter a text file with words and that returns all possible spots for hyphenations for that words (German language). Alternatively a command line program that gives the spot for one word would be fine as well. Such...
  12. cff

    PSP Modding/Hacking

    Does anyone of you have any experience with the semi legal aspects of the PSP (running homebrew, downgrading firmware,...)
  13. cff

    RTSP Server

    Does anyone have any experience in setting up a RTSP Server (Streaming Video or Streaming Audio).
  14. cff

    Privateer Remake on German TV

    The Privateer Remake got airtime yesterday on Giga Games TV...
  15. cff

    WC Movie on German free-TV (Pro7)

    Today at 20:15 (GMT+1) the WCM is airing once again on Pro7, so the few that didn't see it so far get another chance...
  16. cff


    A quick question: Is there any form of standard beginners deck for this game? Deck building seems to be far from trivial from the manual so I wonder if the start packages are pretty much constant (all have the same cards plus minus some) and form a solid deck for the first few plays. If not...
  17. cff

    Wing Commander Postage Stamps

    In Austria it is possible to get official stamps printed for you (in fairly low numbers) with a custom picture of your choice. I was just wondering if there was any interest to do a WC themed one?
  18. cff

    [News] German Ad Translation

    The scan is too small/low res for me to make anything out besides the upper yellow headline. That one translates to (roughly): Last year Origin set a new standard in the world of computer gaming... Now they want to do it again. Wing Commander II The rest is partially guesswork (some...
  19. cff

    Iff::iff open file 'mesh\i.iff not found and not optional

    Forwarding a question I got per mail
  20. cff

    New Space Sim First Look: Star Wolves

    Any ideas if it will be X-Box only? Certainly looks nice so far, but I am not going to buy M$ Hardware for it.