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  1. Whiplash

    Does the Hurricane look familiar to anyone...?

    Hey wingnuts! Am I imagining things, or is there a little bit of a family resemblance there...? @Bandit LOAF , coincidence? I think not...
  2. Whiplash

    Windows XP Usage

    There you are then. XP may feel comfortable but it's holding you back, badly. It simply wasn't designed to make use of modern hardware. At some point security risks, poor hardware support and lack of new drivers will outweigh any familiarity benefits. My 2c.
  3. Whiplash

    ARMEDIT in 64bit Windows?

    Hi all, I've tried to run ARMEDIT, which I found here: on the GOG release of Armada, but it complains about the program not being able to run in 64bit Windows. Is there any way around this? Many thanks.
  4. Whiplash

    Your best performance in Armada gauntlet?

    Hi folks! I can remember first playing Armada's gauntlet mode back in the mid-nineties. My brother and I used to play split screen on a CRT monitor using the dual keyboard controls. How times have changed. :-) These days of course, thanks to the GOG release, we play over the network with...
  5. Whiplash

    Trade profit calculator for Privateer

    ***************************************************** EDIT: I've uploaded v1.0 for your testing and feedback. ***************************************************** Hi folks, best wishes for 2014! I wanted to tell you a bit about my latest project. It's not another ship model; the Hellcat is...
  6. Whiplash

    The Hellcat V refit project

    Howdy all! First off, if you haven't seen my models, go have a quick look here: So, it's time to get cracking on my renovation project. Hellcat V gets the first nod, partly because it's a personal favourite of...