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  1. Edfilho

    I wish EA signed up all Origin's games on this service

    This GOG thing seems to be all kinds of awesome. Older games for 6 and 10 bucks without DRM and fully Vista and XP compatible with post-sale support. Man, That would be awesome.
  2. Edfilho

    Widescreen gaming and Wing Commander

    Hello all; I just got me a pretty 19" LCD widescreen monitor, and I'm reconfiguring all my games to work with it. Recent games usually support 1440x900 out of the box, or can be coaxed into doing it with a few tricks. There is a great site just about that, and it's ridiculously good. The...
  3. Edfilho

    Game collections

    Well, we're all showing off our cool desktops, so I thought we might display our gaming collections for all to see. Here's mine. Everything is legit, of course.
  4. Edfilho

    Now THAT looks like a Kilrathi

    This tiger really looks like a Kilrathi... Pretty cool pictures.
  5. Edfilho

    Did you catch'em all already?

    Hey, LOAF, I've been thinking about getting me Pokemond Diamond or Pearl... I assume you already have one of them, if so, how do you like it? I guess it's about time I caught some pocket monsters myself.
  6. Edfilho

    The original Vampire fighter?

    While reading about US experimental fighter craft, I found the Bell XF-109. It looks a lot like the Vamp. I don't know if it's a coincidence or a source of inspiration (something that would've been perfectly acceptable, anyway), but it's pretty cool either way.
  7. Edfilho

    The first 100 Computer Gaming World Magazines online - Wing Commander review included

    They put all the 100 first CGW magazines online (PDF) in this address: The #100 was in 1992, so there are lot's of Origin and a few Wing Commander reviews and articles. I think it would be a cool resource to add to all the docs you guys have online on the CIC. It...
  8. Edfilho

    Another classic gaming Franchise getting the Deluxe treatment

    This time it's the granddaddy of all conquer-the-world games, a series that is responsible for marriages ending and sleepless nights long before the MMOs. Civilization is getting a great make over: Pretty neat, lots of great extras.
  9. Edfilho

    For those of you who make fun of linux It is kinda funny.
  10. Edfilho

    The REAL Mace Missile I really thought the Mace was a crazy idea, but it seems that a very similar weapon was in the USAF and the Canadian Air Force for decades! A nuclear unguided rocket which would be fired into big strategic bomber formations... Wow. I hope that it is relevant...
  11. Edfilho

    Anyone playing WoW?

    Pretty obvious. I'm playing Alliance on Dark Iron Server. Anyone else?
  12. Edfilho

    Upcoming DS titles in JP

    The latest famitsu has a HUGE list of upcoming games for the DS. Here is a partial translation: - Final Fantasy III (Square-Enix, 2006) - Mario & Luigi RPG 2 (Nintendo, 29/12/05) - Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Capcom, 2006) - Brain Training 2 DS (Nintendo, 29/12/05) - Rainbow Island DS (Taito...
  13. Edfilho

    For those of you who can speak Portuguese (WC related)

    One of the major gaming sites in brazil just posted a feature about Wing Commander 1, written by yours trully. check it at They have this old classics section, called Fóssil Vivo (living fossile). I offered to write this piece on WC in lieu of its...
  14. Edfilho

    Pretentious Matrix Crap

    I'm impressed by the screenshots, he remade every single piece of furniture AND the corresponding textures. Nah, I'm too scared of Jack Torrance to do that. BTW, concerning your declaration on top of the page, did you like matrix revolution?
  15. Edfilho

    Guild Wars

    Anyone here playing Guild Wars? It is very good, looks very good, no mothly fee and you can switch between servers easily. Anyone wanna make a WC related Guild?
  16. Edfilho

    Ipod MINI, Nintendo DS

    Hi all. I intend to get a MP3 player, nothing too large and fragile (10gb+ ipods) or too small (256mb thingies). I'm between creative's MUVO nx200 with 1GB and the 2nd gen ipod mini (4GB), which is enough to carry around a good selection of tunes. Any recommendations? Good or bad...
  17. Edfilho

    They say you wanna Revolution...

    So, any thoughts on the 3 (or 4) new consoles? I think that the revolution looks like crap, but will probably be a lot less expensive and also cost less to develop games for... So, probably nintendo will remain the last bastion of inovation. add to it a "nintendo live" for free service WITH a...
  18. Edfilho

    Good Comicbook shops, good game stores in NY or NJ

    Hello to all, as you may or may not know I am currently en route to New York City to rande vouz with my sister and my nephew... And while I'm in town, I'd like to visit some cool nerd stores. Any recommendations of places to see and buy games and comics and gadgets? thanks.
  19. Edfilho

    Strange Dates in Confed Handbook

    I was reading my brand not-new copy of the movie-based Confed handbook, and I spotted some strange dates. I'm sure LOAF has some explanation for them, though. on one page they say that the pilgrim war began on 2631 and that the pilgrins surrendered in 2629... And they say that Tolwyn was...
  20. Edfilho

    WCP DVD cover

    I want to know if anyone has the file for the WCP DVD cover people put in this forum a while back. I tried to get from the original thread, but the particular link is dead. The covers that the CIC is hotsing do not include this one... If anyone still has the JPG (or TIF), please let me know. thanks