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  1. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

    Hi all After a long break we started now our second project, the Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack (short: WCSPP). What exactly is the Plus Pack? It contains all new features, improvements and bugfixes from our first project "Wing Commander Saga Deutsch" (short: WCSD) and will upgrade the...
  2. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Deutsch Release Trailer online

    Vom Wing Commander Saga Gründer Anton Romanyuk
  3. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Deutsch Release countdown

    We have started the countdown. The WCSD Release is at... / Wir haben den Countdown gestartet. Der WCSD Release ist am... 28. November 18:00 UTC +0100 CET (Click on image for visit our start page / Auf Bild klicken um auf unsere Startseite zu gelangen)
  4. Luke

    Debris Mod for WCSD and WCS Plus Pack

    Currently we test an unpublished mod from the WCS team called "Debris Mod". With this all capital ships (confed & kilrathi) explode as before but leaves wreckage pieces. Every ship have his own set of wreckage. Every wreckage rotates and fly away with different speed. The wreckage have mass so...
  5. Luke

    What means "TOBI" in the WC menus?

    Hi all It is too long ago and my memories have a few gaps. ;) Currently i update some of the elements in the WCS menu interface and revamp a few screens. In the menu interface of the original WC titles and also in WCS there is the text "TOBI" on some menu screens. What exactly is meant with...
  6. Luke

    The new home for WCS Deutsch, WCS Plus and my WCS Tools

    Our project and team moved into a new and own home (click team badge below) This is now the official site for our "WCS Deutsch Team" and our projects "WCS Deutsch-Mod" and "WCS Plus". We used this domain already since summer 2014 for our beta webspace and now we are moved also with our internal...
  7. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga download stats (and link to the mirror list)

    Hi all I don't have mod rights here, so i post a new thread instead modifying an existing thread. I found a way to install my internal download counter script i created 2013 on my own website also on This post is meant as tribute to the Wing Commander fans around the world, to the...
  8. Luke

    Wing Commander Saga Plus

    After more than a half year WCS+ exists and is working without ugly crashes ^^ i thought it was time to create a WCS+ thread in the WCS main forum. Wing Commander Saga Plus I try to update the WCS+ thread on as often as i can.
  9. Luke

    [Tool] Pilot Manager

    from WCSD Forum (german) 1. Introduction Allows several profile actions with a simple interface: clone, backup and delete pilot profiles. WCSPM supports WCS Original and WCS Plus. The profile management in WCS has two little drawbacks: 1. On Clone only the pilot with settings and active...
  10. Luke

    [Tools] A few tools/howto's for WCS... and a hello :-)

    Hi all And... my coder skills are better than my english skills, please have patience. ^^ Here a few of my WCS tools/howto's i think it can help pilots and modders. All tools on this page have the languages English and German. --- [HowTo] Joystick: configure throttle and rudder (twist)...
  11. Luke

    [HowTo] Joystick: configure throttle and rudder (twist)

    from WCSD Forum (german) With a new Pilot profile the throttle and rudder controls are not defined by default. To use all the functions on your joystick, you must do the following: Throttle Go to Options > Control Config > Ship Make a doubleclick on ABSOLUTE THROTTLE AXIS or select it and...
  12. Luke

    [Tool] WCS Setup ZIP Check & UnZip (crc error, unzip problems)

    from WCSD Forum (german) 1. Introduction On german WCS forum ( and also in english WCS forum ( we have several postings about download problems respectively unzip problems or crc error at setup. What exactly is the problem is not clear at the moment, but it...
  13. Luke

    [Tool] EPW-Bug Repair Tool (Excalibur has no primary weapons)

    from WCSD Forum (german) Reference: They forget the guns (tech issue) Backlinks: CIC News 1. Background In very rare cases the WCS profile can be corrupted and the Excalibur lose her primary weapons (canons). So continue of the campaign is impossible. The good news is, this bug (between...
  14. Luke

    [Tool] Debug-Build Support-Tool

    from WCSD Forum (german) 1. Usage Download WCS Debug-Build Support-Tool (short: DBST) ZIP and unzip it, then start WCS_Debug-Build_Support-Tool.exe and press <Start Debug Build and create Support ZIP>. After DBST ends, you will find the at your desktop and this file...