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  1. elend

    "Banshee" scale model for sale

    Hey guys, years ago I created this scale model of the Banshee: (More images: You may remember it, since it got posted on the main page, iirc. Since I am going to China for the foreseeable future and don't really want to take...
  2. elend

    Wing Commander 1 Vektor Logo

    Hi mates. I always liked that Wing Commander 1 Logo, which they used ingame. I finally wanted to have a decent version of it, so I decided to vectorize it. In the CIC Wallpaper section I found a Wallpaper with nothing but the WC1 Logo, which helped me a lot. So my work is based on that. It's in...
  3. elend

    Borderworlds Banshee (1/48 scale scratch built scale model)

    Hi. I was really thrilled to see my Banshee appear on, yet I noticed that your news system misses the last few steps of the build. I didn't update the thread in the german forum anymore, since I moved to another one and posted there. But it's complete by now and here are some...