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    TCS Concordia (from movie)

    A thought on the flight deck Hey all, I'm new to this thread but the model is looking awsome! Just a thought though on the flight deck, the Concordia is suposed to have some fighters and presumably the ablity to launch and recover them. As far I can see the current model has fighters being...
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    a litttle help?

    Hey all, I downloader the prolauge lastnight after chancing across the website and lkeing what I saw. However, after installing and starting the game, I entered a callsign and went onto the main menu. Ftom there, the game completly froze. The mouse icon wouldn't move but I could still hear...
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    OK, so I just tried bailing out as soon as I leave the Firakka. I got picked up... by a Gothri... so I guess ejecting isn't an option in this mission.
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    It happens everytime I'm about to land. Last time I tried, I got as far as the landing cutscene before the game crashed. I havn't tried ejecting, but I'll give that a go next time... it's just getting a little frustarting at this point.
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    It happens everytime I finish the mission and am about to land. I assume some "failed mission" message is about to be sent before I land, but the game crashes instead.
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    Hey all, First off, I just want to say this an amazing mod! I've always loved the classic WC look and this really brings back memories. I'm running into a problem though, I'm playing the Destroyer/Carrier raid in episode 3 (I think) and can't quite pull off the mission. The bombers always get...