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    To anyone who has the WCIV DVD

    I ask a favor of you. Is it at all possible to give me the working VOB file for Vagabond's death? It doesn't work on both the first and replacement DVDs I received. If you can do this, I would VERY MUCH appreciate it. Please reply or private msg me if you'd be willing to do this.
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    WC IV DVD problem

    I've received 2 DVDs so far (the second a replacement from the vendor on eBay), and they both have the same problem: a block of VOB files, from approx. a few videos before and after Vagabond's death, do not function, presumably because of damage to the disk. Has anyone else encountered this...
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    HCl's movie player - problem with WC4

    I got HCl's movie player a week ago from the CIC after a long hiatus from WC. It seems to be working (as in, ripping them to AVI, not just playing) with everything on WC3 and Prophecy (don't have P2). I put in the first disk, and ripped all of the other movies on the disk, and they seem to work...
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    Kilrathi Saga Config file for Wing II

    To anyone with Kilrathi Saga: Could anyone please send a copy of the Wing Commander II config file to I'm one of those fans who got WCI from the PCGamer disk, and I'd like to use invincibility without being labelled CHEATER. I appreciate your help. AC
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    To those of you with KS

    If anyone with Kilrathi Saga is reading this, I wonder if you could possibly email me the config file for Wing Commander II--Vengence of the Kilrathi? I'm one of those fans who got WCI from the PCGamer disk, and I'd like to be able to activate the cheat where you are invincible in the first...
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    Movie problem with WC3

    I recently got Wing Commander III (the old DOS version), along with Armada and Wing IV on eBay. I tried playing it after putting it on (the ests and everything seemed okay), but the movie segments play for a few seconds (or just one), then end, as if I skipped them by pressing ESC. (Only, of...