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    The pandora is an awesome thing

    What's the best handheld system to play your wing commander games on? Until last week I would've said the Shield Portable. Using dosbox it can Play Wing Commanders 1-4, Privateers 1&2, Armada, Academy, and I even got it running Prophecy although it was really slow. I stand corrected. Why? This...
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    Wing Commander in Doom???

    I've been playing a great deal of doom recently, mostly AtM and DoomRPG mods. Saw this on the zdoom forums and thought you guys would get a kick out of it. I really don't expect this to go anywhere, but it made me laugh.
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    New crowdfunding record incoming?

    Take a look at the Ubuntu Edge. It might just blow the Star Citizen record out of the water.
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    Wing Commander 1 controls

    Going through the documentation for WC1 I can't find anything the keyboard shortcuts for com messages. I know b is for break and attack but I don't know the others and I can't seem to find them. In WC2 it was changed to Alt-b and various other control changes so no help there. I might just have...
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    Super wing commander

    Has anyone tried the sheepshaver power pc emulator to run SWC? system 7.5 is free from apple from what I understand. I know there is a 3do port but it doesn't support the joystick from what I understand... (and I HATE using a d-pad for a game that should have an ""analog"" method of control) I...