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    Any updates on Prophecy MP Patch?

    Well, the topic says it all, so please take a few minutes, and talk to me (us).
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    Most "Iconic Wing Commander" Fighter (or Bomber or capship)

    Because i wanna have a Fighter/Bomber/capship Thread too, i try it with something interesting (i hope) What is the most iconic Fighter for you? For me, it's the Rapier in WC2 even though i played WC1 first, and loved the Raptor, when i think about a Wing Commander fighter, it's the Rapier...
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    Will the Standoff scoreboards effect ship choice in following Episodes?

    More concrete: Do you consider to use more ship selection, and maybe add the Epee has an alternative Option for the Rapier? Or when you do a a little overhaul of older Episode, maybe a choice between Stilleto or Epee? Just a little wish/suggestion. Icefire
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    WC3 Soundtesting File

    What does it say? I always understand "a loversboy monk" which, dosn't make any sence to me. DO someone care not to let me die dump?
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    Weapon Speeds of Standoff

    I tried to find out the weapon speed of the projectile via WCPedit, but i'm to stupid to install it right, always have SO ships and data.
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    Spoiler! QUestion on Mission 9....

    .... where you have to escort the avenger to the jump point. When i did come back from the Jump point with the vampire, it was undestructable, and enemies keep spawning, so the only way to finsih the mission was fly at max Speed to the next waypoint, and when you far enough away, hit...
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    Error on Webpage.. switched the Discribtion for both Kilrathi Cap Ships. Good Luck, ICefire
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    Engine limitation question

    So what Limitation does the Engine have for: Texture Resolution? Polygons? Maximum Ships in one NAV Point? In 1 Mission? Maxium taunts/battle chatter? Maximum Controllable Wingmen?
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    Don't be sad when the forum is so quiet...

    ....because it's you did an excellent job :cool:
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    I want to play Standoff too

    Well after a long time of total Wing Commando absence i happen to find your Mod. Only problem is, none of the 4 Download works, CIC FTP dosn't start, CIC HTTP stops about a minute, the third dosn't work at all(Wingnet), and the last you need to register. Are there any other mirrors i missed...