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    Prophecy Model Pack

    Hi All, I've extracted all of the models from WCP/SO and saved them as OBJ format, with materials. This includes: All Levels of Detail (up to 4 per model) All unused models, including 'Callisto Cruiser' Terrain Planet Moon Multiplayer power up icons WC4 Vindicator Devereaux research vessel...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy: Unlimited

    Hi All, As you may have seen in @DefianceIndustries WCP:MUP thread I have been working on extending or removing some of the upper limits in the Vision engine. It all started when I seen that DefianceIndustries was working on high definition models and slicing them in to parts to stay within...
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    Prophecy Frame Rate Boost

    Hi All, Been a while since I was last here so I decided to check in and give a little something I made to the community. I've previously dabbled in rendering 3D scenes before now. Now with Klav's amazing models available I may do again. But for a short time I've been teaching my self some...
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    Armada Time

    Hi Guys. Just wondering if anyone is available for some Armada action this sunday (12th)? I got the following week off so I don't have to get to beb early, being in BST (GMT+1) at the moment its obviously a little late here when you guys will want to be playing.
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    Combat scene

    Well I had no thread of my own, and the news thread has disappeared into the archives so I thought I'd better start one and show my progress. Its been a pain in the backside trying to re-do what i've done so far, but its *almost* done. Still need to re-add a few effects which had to be...
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    Sorry for breaking rules!

    Need to read the rules a bit more me thinks. Anyway, wouldnt be warez as I previously owned the game and still have the case. Just the cd has gone awol.
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    Armada download.

    (warez request nuked for violation of Rule #11 - Death)