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  1. PopsiclePete

    OpenGL pack for WCP updated to 1.2.2

    Up until now, some people seemed to have a problem with the OpenGL pack for WCP. A strange API bug on some Windows version (well, Vista x86 at least) made the OpenGL setup erroneously patch out the Huge-Plasma-Gun version of the Midway, so the game would crash the first time you'd launch from...
  2. PopsiclePete

    Standoff patch 1.32 now available (minor fix)

    The fix isn't required if everything is fine for you; it's mostly aimed at new players or new game installs.
  3. PopsiclePete

    Website update - trailer

    Standoff's website has been updated to include it's new trailer: now available both as a downloadable file and... YouTubed version !
  4. PopsiclePete

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.30 now available

    A new, small (199kb) patch is up, available through the autoupdate mechanism. It fixes scoreboard-related stuff for new stuff to be revealed tonight or tomorrow.
  5. PopsiclePete

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.29 now available

    Quoting the website: The patch itself is only 1.9 Mb; restart your Launchers and get it !
  6. PopsiclePete

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.27 now available

    A patch is now available via the launcher's auto-update system. If you have it enabled, just start your Standoff launcher while connected to the internet and follow the directions to install the patch. The file is only available via the auto-update system right now. Here is a list of issues...
  7. PopsiclePete

    "Talk to group" crash - workaround

    If you get in a room like, say, the hangar and clicking on the hotspot to play a movie crashes the game, and when you get back in the game you can't play do anything else because that hotspot always crahes, here's a workaround: When you get back into the game, before you go and click on the...
  8. PopsiclePete

    Important: Update your video card drivers. Really !

    One thing I often see since the release of Episode 5, people having trouble running the game with the new visual effects turned on even if they have pretty good video cards. Let me tell you this: Update your video card drivers. The thing is, Standoff now uses the lastest OpenGL dev...
  9. PopsiclePete

    Website update, July 31

    Here is this week's update... getting nervous :p
  10. PopsiclePete

    Website update, July 17th

    Here is this week'snews update - time is running !
  11. PopsiclePete

    Website update, July 10th

    Here is this week's update:
  12. PopsiclePete

    Website update, July 3rd

    Here is this week's news update:
  13. PopsiclePete

    Website update, June 26th

    Here is this week's update:
  14. PopsiclePete

    Website update, June 5th

    Not yet bored with weekly updates ? Good ! Here's this week's :
  15. PopsiclePete

    Website update, May 29th

    Here's our weekly update ! Learn a bit more on what Eder meant when he said we'd not be wasting the time leading up to Standoff's release :)
  16. PopsiclePete

    Website update, May 15th

    For all of you people anxiously waiting for this friday's update, here it is !
  17. PopsiclePete

    Website update, May 8th

    After last week's release date announcement, this week update may look a bit dull, but things are slowly coming along. Here's the update:
  18. PopsiclePete

    Website update, April 24th

    Friday again. Stay tuned !
  19. PopsiclePete

    Website update, April 17th

    Nobody's tired of Fridays yet ? Good ! Here's our weekly update:
  20. PopsiclePete

    Website update, April 10th

    Friday website update !