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    I'm supposed to go see this star-fest tomorrow afternoon, so I was doing a bit of digging on the movie. Little did I know that the WCM's own 'Angel' Devereaux (Saffron Burrows) plays Adromache, wife of Hector (Eric Bana). Just thought I'd start a thread to give everyone a little heads up and...
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    Hawk Guest Appearance

    Chris Mulkey (aka Hawk) made a guest appearance as a grieving dad who loses his daughter to a serial killer on Friday's episode of Touching Evil. Its a pretty interesting show that I've gotten into lately and Chris did a very good job with his guest role (he's the main guest star so he has...
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    For all your crunchy, cheese-covered, artery clogging dreams! Viva le Nachos! C-ya
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    Fatal Error

    Alright, I tried to run UE on my revamped WC machine (380MHz, 64 MB, Win98, 16 MB Nvidia Riva TNT2). Secret ops works fine but I try to run UE and I get the launcher. I press start UE and it goes to the UE main screen, then to a downloading mission data screen, then some music starts and a...
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    Side Views of WC capships

    With all the fan projects going on I know that a ton of old capital ships have been revamped and are about to appear in their 3-dimensional splendor. I was going to see if the creators of some of these ships would like to post their work on the starship scale website (
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    Questioning the Enterprise premise

    I was reminded of this by reading the Star trek Lawsuit Thread and to avoid hijacking that thread, I'll just start another one to discuss my topic. I had this thought at the beginning of the Enterprise series (which I think, like DS9 - I never watched Voyager - has its moments). Why would you...
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    memorable (or not so Memorable) 21st Birthdays

    In honor of Hades making the crossover into adulthood (manhood?) I'm going to start a thread asking everyone for stories of their 21st birthday's. Be it spending quality time with the significant other or curled up wretching in a ditch somewhere let's hear about it so Hades can have some...
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    Obscure references from movies and TV

    I was rewatching Tron this week (don't ask me why, it was on AMC when I came home from work) and Tron (played by Bruce Boxleitner) said the line,"Curiouser and Curiouser" about Jeff Bridges character, Flynn. I had a quick flashback to Babylon 5 where President/Captain Sheridan (also played by...
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    WCSO add-on

    Has anyone ever seen this website ? I'm sorry if this is common knowledge, but I just came across it. Is this worth replacing the killboard with the simulator? Also, these episodic games, Alien Legacy and Rebellion, do they actually work? C-ya
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    GBA Prophecy Storyline

    I guess this question is dierected at Chris since he just came back with more info on prophecy, but is there any difference between the PC prophecy storyline and the GBA port? I didn't know if they had to take any out (besides the person to person action scenes) or add some some more in (also...
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    WC game movies

    I just downloaded HCl's movie veiwer and going through WC3. It's a blast getting to see all the movies again, especially some of the ones I missed on my half dozen play throughs of the game. Eisens elves chewing out had me rolling! :) And the maniac SAR rescue, was also priceless. I'm not...
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    IGN Top 100

    Okay, I was jazzed to see 2 of my all-time favorite nostalgic games on the list (Goldeneye, Chrono Trigger), but where was WC3? I mean it's the game that basically invented FMV as a storyline in video games! That kindof burns me! :mad: C-ya
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    Coolest Looking Spacecraft in WC

    I've seen many polls about favorite and best yadda yadda spacecraft in WC but I don't think i have seen one that is based on how beautiful a spacecraft looks. Anything is free from fighter to carrier, but since this traverses all of WC, I'm not doing a poll just post your response and why...
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    Tom Wilson in FF movie?

    Sorry I couldn't resist. The new Maniac photo looks like he's about to be attacked by the ghost creatures from the Final Fantasy movie :) ! And with that, this thread slowly begins to fade into oblivion . . . C-ya
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    Privateer Sound

    When I run privateer, everything is fine until every now and then, teh speech comes out as just static (usually when I'm in a mission critical conversation :) ). I've spent the better part of the afternoon searching through old and stuck thread s to try and remedy my DOS sound problem but to no...
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    My Privateer Thread

    To avoid hijacking Cam's thread froma few days ago, I'll start my own for my privateer questions. Some easy questions: 1-When you upgrade ships, does all your goodies come with you? ie Engine upgrades, radar etc 2-How much do you have to have to buy a Centurion, Orion, or galaxy? 3-can you...
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    WC machine help . . .

    I'm putting together my WC machine and here's what I've got so far: 350MHz chip, 64MB RAM, 32X CDROM, 4 GB HD, running win 98 (1st ed) and looking into getting a Nvidia TNT2 16MB video card. My questions are: Is this a good all-round choice (meaning works decent with all WC games) for a...
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    Best Windows Platform . . .

    I'm putting together a WC gaming machine and I was just curious, what is the best operating system that I could find that would allow me to play all the WC games? I've only used WC with Win98 and WinXP, so any suggestions would be great. I'm going to use a 366MHz with 64MB of Ram (which is...
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    Toughest Enemy Fighter in UE

    Don't know if all the UE posts (even though this is about ships in earlier WC games) are going to that section of the board, but this will be moved if that is so. What is the toughest ship you have come across in WC:UE? I have yet to fight any Nephilim (that puts me at about mission 4 I...
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    Unkown Enemy Problems

    Hey guys! Great work getting the game out! But as expected, some idiot (that's me) already has problems with it. I'm running XP - I installed UE into a different directory (not the default) and set the compatibility modes of the EXE but it tells me this when I try to run it- FATAL...