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  1. Tigerhawk

    The original Midway (CV-41)

    So I'm sitting here watching a DVD of the first season of The History Channel's "Dogfights" when I come across the episode, "MiG Killers of Midway". Got me thinking, and I thought I'd post the namesake of one of our favorite carriers. Sorry in advance for the size of these pics...I'm not sure...
  2. Tigerhawk

    Star Treks I through VI on Blu-Ray

    So, I bought the BD set of TOS movies yesterday. I've only watched II and VI so far, but making direct comparisons (as in, having both DVD and BD copies running at the same time and switching between them with the DVD copy running about 15 seconds behind the BD copy), I have to say that I'm...
  3. Tigerhawk

    New computer/video card, new problems

    Hey, all, I recently had to have a new computer built, though the former hard drive was saved, and therefore all my previous history of WC games were saved as well. I have another problem, though... Anytime I try to run Prophecy, Secret Ops or Standoff anymore, I get a fatal error that...
  4. Tigerhawk

    Probably missing something in UE

    I've finally gotten around to installing UE. I'm thinking I missed something somewhere...what would be the password to get you beyond the initial story? Thanks! Feeling like a PotentialIdiot, TH
  5. Tigerhawk

    Sim Questions

    Howdy, folks, The simulator is puzzling me, to say the least. I have two questions in this regard: 1. Is there any way to send my other scores to the Scoreboard? My first highest score was sent on the Kilrathi Gauntlet. I've since flown both gauntlets and in several different craft...