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  1. NeoDevilbane

    So it's Wing Commander 0?

    I find it unlikely that Chris is able to use the Kilrathi logo, Bengal-class carriers, very Kilrathi-Dralthi-esque fighters, actual system names from WC, Confed logos, and jump tech and all that in this game if it's not, in fact, a WC prequel/soft reboot. It's in the WC universe, that seems...
  2. NeoDevilbane

    Join/follow HTL on Facebook

    Join/follow HTL on Facebook here. Nothing fancy or pretty but updates and more will be posted there as we get closer and closer to HTL's conclusion on
  3. NeoDevilbane

    My fanfics are back up

  4. NeoDevilbane

    Wing Commander Aces Club list (Yahoogroups)

    I've created a Yahoogroups for the Wing Commander Aces Club to better communicate and get the list going again. I hope you'll join, if WC fanfiction is your thing. It's here: To join...
  5. NeoDevilbane

    WC: Arena... I have it

    ... but try as I might, no matter what hour of the day I'm on, there's never anyone to multiplay with. Anyone want to go a few rounds?
  6. NeoDevilbane

    Bruce Tannock, back again

    Anyone interested in what the modern-day Bruce Tannock looks like, check out the below link. (appears he's found one of the fairer sex) I compared it to the pic of himself from his old Seinfeld/Superman site... same guy. Not exactly sure what's...
  7. NeoDevilbane

    Aces board?

    What are we using for the Aces Club posting board now? - NeoDevilbane
  8. NeoDevilbane

    HTL PBM Archives site updated

    This was mentioned on the Aces board, but I think it's relevant to mention it here as well. The HTL Archive has received an up-to-the-minute update, as well as having received (get this) 2 chapters that were listed in the Chapter Listings but were glaringly *missing* from the actual content...
  9. NeoDevilbane

    MTV/HTL Chronology

    The last time I updated the damn thing was on January 6th of 2001 but finally I've brought it completely up to date with all the new chapters that have come out so far in the HTL & MTV PBMs. Basically it's a timeline, showing where and when each HTL/MTV chapter takes place in relation to...
  10. NeoDevilbane

    New "WCX : Resurgence" chapter out!

    The last chapter, Chapter 2, came out on January 29th... of 2000. Unwilling to let it be said that it took THREE WHOLE YEARS to write a third chapter, I spent the last few months roughing up my good buddy & co-writer Brandon "Darksabre" McKown to churn out this very chapter... just 3 days shy of...
  11. NeoDevilbane

    New URLs for my webpages

    (all will be up within 48 hours) The Wing Commander Legacy (where you can find the stories such as "Star Wars/Wing Commander" as well as my Privateer & WCX-related fiction) : The CVBG-Auriga Webpage (HTL) : The WCX...
  12. NeoDevilbane

    TCS Hades

    We already have a somewhat solid storyline direction in mind for the TCS Hades' debacle in HTL's closing chapters, but is there any particular direction/idea anyone has for what they'd really like to see as far as the Hades' involvement in the last arc? - Neo
  13. NeoDevilbane

    Looking for a couple good writers (SW/WC 2)...

    I've drafted an outline of something of a follow-up to "Star Wars/Wing Commander : The Imperial March." It's not intended to be big or grandiose or anything, merely a 1-chapter (extended) coda to SW/WC 1, in 2682 having the Midway, Cerberus, & co. dealing with Grand Admiral Guthrig and his folks...
  14. NeoDevilbane

    "Maverick & Angel" online

    A fanfic that follows Christopher "Maverick" Blair & Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux at different points in their lives in three chapters, from Blair's last days at the Academy to his first meeting with Angel on the Claw, to their days together and relationship on the Concordia, through the...
  15. NeoDevilbane

    "Star Wars/Wing Commander : The Imperial March" - online!

    Read (perhaps) the most controversial WC fanfic ever, "Star Wars/Wing Commander : The Imperial March" online. URL : - Andrew "Neo" Modeen
  16. NeoDevilbane

    Read the WCX saga online!

    [WCX Episode I] "Wing Commander : Renegade" - Incorporating plot elements from Avatarr's "A Blair for All Seasons" INDY, it turns out Commodore Christopher Blair survived the Tower #7 incident during WCP and is alive and well... in self-exile from all those he once knew and all those he once...