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    Scaling issue if Windows display scaling >100%

    I've noticed a weird resolution/scaling bug when I was trying to start Standoff on my 2560x1440 monitor with a 125% scaling applied to it (via the Windows 10 display options). The rendered image seems to be scaled accordingly and is therefore too big for the screen and you only see the top left...
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    savegame wc1 -> wc2 (ks)???

    err, i havnt found anything bout that when i searched the board.... i tried to transfer my savegames from wc1/so2 (ks) to wc2 (ks), but it just doesnt work. when i click "wing commander" it says... damn, i cant remember :D ... something like "not found". same thing when i click on "dos...
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    well uhh, sorry... 3. never mind [Edited by spoonium on 02-05-2001 at 08:50]
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    No Joystick in WC1 (KS)

    hi! ok, i got a problem with my gravis firebird and wc1 of the kilrathi saga. i just cant use my joystick. its calibrated correctly and i can use under dos (and in other win games i suppose - havent tried). im using win98 se and ive installed directx8. i tried almost every possible combination...