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  1. Capn Johnny

    ..more REALLY old stuff..

    Hey there fellow wingnuts, Loaf helped me upload some more old docs from my time at OSI.. enjoy :) -Capn J
  2. Capn Johnny

    Did anyone ever...

    ..make a WC mod for any of the other cap-ship games like Starfleet Command or Bridge Commander? -Johnny
  3. Capn Johnny

    Kilrathi "Logo" ?

    Or crest.. Or seal.. Anyone got a good one? I thought I did, but I kenna fin her.. Anyone? Anyone? Marshall? -Johnny
  4. Capn Johnny

    A bit O spare time

    Claw? Or Lex?
  5. Capn Johnny

    Squadron Patches

    Shamless Plug #2 :D Prophecy WCIV -Johnny
  6. Capn Johnny

    as long as I'm opening threads..

    and posting images.. Here is a capship design I did a while back for no particular reason.. its a heavy carrier / dreadnought-esque ship.. Flame away.. especially you, TC.. :D -John
  7. Capn Johnny


    Did you ever make something really cool (at least in your own mind).. and then lose it..? I hate it when that happens.. Anyway this is something I did in 3DS a LONG time ago.. but now have lost everything but these images.. I guess I could build it again.. but it took me quite a while...
  8. Capn Johnny

    Star Giants.. ?

    Not Wing Commander? Guh? I sure hope these guys have some sort of liscensing agreement with EA.. cause, if not, they may be in for a world of litigation.. :eek: