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  1. NinjaLA

    The Galacticats: my new webcomic

    I, along with a writer and another artist have been working diligently on creating a webcomic. We launched the patreon last week.. and will be putting pages up soon. you can find the patreon and comic here: galacticats webcomic I know it's been a literal age since I was a regular on the...
  2. NinjaLA

    collective artwork thread :D

    for stuff I make that I have no idea where to put or link to :D don't want to cause clutter :D
  3. NinjaLA

    Descent: Underground

    Former CIG Austin lead Eric "Wingman" Peterson is working with interplay to reboot the Descent franchise. as a 6 degree of freedom franchise from back in the day of our beloved wing commander, It's probably in our best interests to make sure this classic franchise actually manages to get...
  4. NinjaLA

    The Star Citizen Organization WCCIC

    It's been mentioned a few times that there should be some wing commander centric graphics associated to the organization page. Figured it was time to get the ball rolling and see if anyone has any suggestions or ideas :D the organization can be found here...
  5. NinjaLA

    The Wing Commander Comic! (image heavy)

    I know I have been promising this for quite some time now, but I have an outline, a story and a whole bunch of pages roughed out.. so for this CIC birthday, I thought I would launch a weekly two page comic and keep it going for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!
  6. NinjaLA

    Kilrathi War Propaganda

    The first in a series of world war 2 style propaganda posters set in the wing commander universe and made by yours-truly. or if you want a higher resolution one for printing...
  7. NinjaLA

    A hornet

    not for any specific project, but FROSTY talked me into attempting to make an accurate to the blueprint hornet model. here is what I came up with:
  8. NinjaLA

    Outlander fanart!

    I kicked things off with: there is a really fantastic update about it on the frontpage at A great big thanks to our own AD for letting me contribute. I also have something else special in the works so check back here often. This thread isn't just about me...
  9. NinjaLA

    kilrathi concepts

    I drew these out of sheer boredom.. I'll thumbnail them to save those of you who run at lesser resolutions from having to scroll a lot. I'll probably do more of these, they are really fun.. lemme know what you think.
  10. NinjaLA

    A Great Big Thank you!

    Thanks to everyone at the CIC who put in the time and effort to restore more than a decade of files from Origin Systems!! I can't stress how much this means to all of us.
  11. NinjaLA

    *naked* kilrathi model

    I decided to make a poseable kilrathi model .. no textures yet, no skeleton.. but the shape is pretty well done.
  12. NinjaLA

    finally finished Wing Commander Wallpaper

    Ok.. so maybe its not great, but its as done as it is likely to get! Enjoy! or if you need a bigger one: 1600x1200 or if you are a masochist: 2048x1536
  13. NinjaLA

    The Academy Bible, and variant storylines.

    The year is 2655. For a generation, the Terran Confederation has been engaged in a relentless war against the forces of the Kilrathi Empire, an enemy who asks no quarter and gives none. At stake is the very existence of humanity in the galaxy, along with countless other sentient lifeforms who...
  14. NinjaLA

    Wing Commander Academy Characters, where are they now?

    In the wing commander academy cartoon series, we get to meet a few other pilots-in-training on the Claw. First and foremost on the list is Gwen "Archer" Bowman, I've always wondered whether or not Tolwyn finds out that she shot down a kilrathi pilot carrying a plague that would have likely...
  15. NinjaLA

    The Kilrathi Social Dynamic

    We see throughout the material that the Kilrathi operate on a clan and caste system, with the Emperor and his clan on top and dozens (if not more) of lesser clans who would all love to take a stab at the prime positions. It seems that the Kilrathi do not keep other Kilrathi as slaves, but...
  16. NinjaLA

    Hakaga of fire and durasteel?

    In the Fleet Action books, it describes the Hakaga carriers as being made of an incredibly strong double hull. This probably made them the most invulnerable ships on either side to external attack. They were defeated by internal sabotage and marine landings. But after playing Arena for...
  17. NinjaLA

    Vagabonder? I just met 'er!

    ok, ok. I know this is a rather silly thing to do, but I was in an artistic mood and I have seven of these (well six now, really) vagabond cards. So I decided to flex my fingers a bit. Keep in mind I did this to the card. so my canvas was 2x3 inches also keep in mind that I still have...
  18. NinjaLA


    Ok, I know it doesn't look very good yet, but its getting there. its been fun trying to make it though.
  19. NinjaLA

    Old Confederation Fighters

    Just for fun, I decided to see if I could come up with good designs for some of the other fighters we hear about in Action Stations, but never get to see. This is my take on a few of the Confed's ancient fighters.
  20. NinjaLA

    A Wing Commander Comic

    These are exciting times we are experiencing now with the sudden and impending release of a new game in our favorite franchise, so here is my offering to the Wing Commander community. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did while making it. Thanks in advance!