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  1. NinjaLA

    The Galacticats: my new webcomic

    I, along with a writer and another artist have been working diligently on creating a webcomic. We launched the patreon last week.. and will be putting pages up soon. you can find the patreon and comic here: galacticats webcomic I know it's been a literal age since I was a regular on the...
  2. NinjaLA

    Wing Commander Sprite Enhancement, Experimentation, and Information

    this is basically my favorite thing ever.
  3. NinjaLA

    Last Line of Defence

    yeah.. I love what you have done with that tolmacs :D I giggled a bit when I saw two fighters launch at once out the front.
  4. NinjaLA

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    and just like that I gots me a new wallpaper. thanks for this. made my day.
  5. NinjaLA

    Confed's Contrasting Cartoon Carriers (September 3, 2017)

    these work especially well for it because of all the surface details.. man. I so badly want a wing commander in a modern engine.
  6. NinjaLA

    Hakaga to Scale (May 17, 2017)

    I'm gonna try to do one of these for confed capships too.. I'm having fun with this, at least.
  7. NinjaLA

    RSI Museum Brings the A Games (May 7, 2017)

    I wonder where my drawing ended up after the fall of Gaia...
  8. NinjaLA

    Visual Reference: Special Operations 1 & 2 Rooms (April 21, 2017)

    it's worse than that.. it reveals the truth. I should have known all along... Tolwyn only comes down on you for claiming cloaking device so often because he doesn't want to give up his personal cloaking device. "wha.. uh no, err. BLAIR! Blair, you are a jerk and a traitor and not at all...
  9. NinjaLA

    Homeworld Mod Has Claws (April 12, 2017)

    looking stunning in HDR :D
  10. NinjaLA

    April Fools! (March 31, 2017)

    gonna be so great!
  11. NinjaLA

    A Modest Proposal: Saving Mr. LaFong (April 1, 2017)

    LaFong can't be wrong. LaFong completely belongs!
  12. NinjaLA

    April Fools! (March 31, 2017)

    This is so damn great. Everything about it.
  13. NinjaLA

    A Modest Proposal: Saving Mr. LaFong (April 1, 2017)

    LaFong Belongs! chant it with me now.
  14. NinjaLA

    New 3D Thread

    my wing commander relate 3d library groooooows :P
  15. NinjaLA

    New 3D Thread

    see you say it is stupid and yet that is absolutely gorgeous.
  16. NinjaLA

    New 3D Thread

    big things planned.. yuuuuuge.
  17. NinjaLA

    New 3D Thread

    think I can talk you out of the direct link again? that sketchfab site seems to hate me.
  18. NinjaLA

    New 3D Thread

    ah yeah.. I am still having the same problem with the older files.. some reason the texture info doesn't go right.. the models are fine but the texture doesn't apply correctly. those .obj files for concordia and the tarawa though work with 0 fiddling. :D no big deal though.. as art...
  19. NinjaLA

    New 3D Thread

    doesn't look like I am anymore.. I think I figured out what it is.. the importer got more solid and they accept .tif as a texture file format now. thanks for the offer though. this is my favorite day of this year.
  20. NinjaLA

    New 3D Thread

    this isn't a new format? iiiiiinteresting.. apparently my cheap-o 3d builder (metasequoia) has upped it's support game.. I couldn't get most of those to work back when...