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    Genghis con WC battle report

    Wing Commander Tabletop After Action Report. February 2011 Operation: The liberation of Kilrah. Genghis Con XXXII Objective: Penetrate into the Kilrah system and destroy the wormhole gate structure. Secondary objective: Investigate a Steltek installation recently deciphered from...
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    Cooling of Kilrah

    Ok, so I wanted to do a crude calculation for the fun of it. Im sure correct answer is orders of magnitude off, but still, orders of magnitude for astrophysics is accurate in many subfields. In another thread it was questioned if Kilrah would still be so glowing hot if it exploded. This...
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    physical models to buy?

    Im curious if anyone knows of somewhere/someone you can buy ship models from. I know there is paper wing commander but Im looking for substantial physical models made of resin or pewter between 6 and 1 inch in size. Both fighters and capital ships. any leads?